Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taco Frocellekt

Toast corn taco shells in oven.
Toast Laver Nori in oven.
Nori into shells.
Eat it hot.

Pickles and Water

Maybe I already did this....here it is again. About the dumbest (President's speeches don't count) thing I ever heard was when my little nephew Kennith said, "Why do we still need water if we have banana bruises?"

You may think my question is just as dumb: Given that we have fresh slices of ginger, why are pickles still sold? How long will it be until sandwich shops and deli's catch onto this gold mine?

Millet Flouter

Cooked Light Red Kidney Beans
Steamed Millet
Yellow Yeast
Toasted Laver Seaweed (Raw, it chews a looong time. Toasted, becomes nutty in flavor, crunchy and melts in your mouth instantly)
Fresh (or not) ginger sliced (or shaken) in

Forgiveness of one's own sins is the greatest thing one could desire. Equivalent to that is the desire to return in good standing to our Heavenly Father. Anything that begins to overshadow these desires becomes idol worship. Ponder Alma 7:6.

Lentil Abravichet

Let your wife cook lentil soup. She'll put onions and carrots and who knows what all else. Then you toast Maine Coast Laver Sea Vegetable (American seaweed) and add that. Then you throw in as much or more steamed millet as you have soup. But here's the main ingredient: GRIND LOTS A BLACK PEPPER CORN IN.

And of course ginger is always an option, as are the various yeasts.

And it's nice to have cold raw milk on hand with this dish.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thicker Than Water

"Flesh and Blood" is a result, not the reason for strong bonds.