Monday, April 20, 2009


The scriptures by themselves amount to precious little. They are in some places cryptic or vague and in others very simple. But in all places they are a bare bones base for all that God desires to reveal to his individual children. Like a rectangle of welded I-beams intended for the build of a semi-trailer, without bed, box, undercarriage, brakes or wheels, they do little. Without His whisperings to accompany the reading of His printed word, the printed word is as useful as an electric appliance with its cord cut off.

That which I have just written asserts two very distinct things:
1 - To understand a scripture at all, one must receive that understanding through the Holy Ghost.
2 - The meaning and instruction of all known scripture represent a very small percentage of the meaning and instruction meant for the rich life that your Father intends for you.

The scriptures are as essential to your knowledge and salvation as the I-beams are to the trailer. And obeying the commandment to search and study them allows the rest to be added.

Imagine how little you must understand your own life if you have not even an I-beam!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Meals 2009


2 units, green beans, yeast, tomato, stix, 2 stories. 20 min.

2 units, young coconut, bananas, flax seed, raisens, walnuts, oats, 4 units, up the hill, sugar went low. 1/2 hr.

that coconut is just my favorite thing I like to taste it like I like to smell honeysuckle

man, my sugar went low and stayed low, even after I .....

apple, banana, chocolate

3 units, light red cooked kidney beans with soaked millet curry powder and yeast, carrot/ginger juice, stix, salad, up the hill. 25 min.


3 units, buttered popcorn (left over from the kids last night), stix, juice (acorn squash, ginger, cinnamon), oats, banana, 2 raisens, sprouted millet, flaxseed, sprouted wheat, up the hill. 35 min. (cuz I made my juice during that time)

green beans, sprouted millet, pumpkin seeds, yeast, walnuts, sesame seeds, one story. 10 min.

orange. 5 min.

sprouted millet, sardines, salad. 30 min. 3 units, stix, apple, chocolate, 20 min. Then, instead of running, I fell asleep and my sugar went up to 236. I had to rush to my son's school musical, so I just shotgunned 5 units and took some sugar with me. I went low during the musical and ate an organic grape leather.

After the play, around 11 pm, I was very hungry and unsettled so I had a party. I had turkey dogs, meat sauce, cheese, collards (don't know when they had tasted better), mushrooms, black pepper, 6 units, oats and raisens, 10 units, oats, raisens, chocolate and freakenized milk and I don't remember but maybe another 5 units, watched a movie, sugar was 134, 2 more units and went to bed about 3 am. The musical was good. My son did well. Everyone did.


3 units, cooked light red kidney beans with sprouted millet, yeast and curry, stix. 20 min.

6 units, milk, chocolate, raisens, Ezekial toast and coconut oil. couple of hours. While rushing off to my son's musical again, 8 units, refried beans, cheese, Pace salsa, lettuce. 5 min. late, after the show, sugar was 63. Hadn't felt it.

4 units, Ate refried beans, cheese, salsa, Ezekial toast, coconut oil, cooked light red kidney beans with sprouted millet, 2 units. couple hours.


4 units
banana, chocolate, pumkin seeds
yellow yeast
30 min.
no exercise
Sugar 63

4 units
pumpkin seeds, sprouted barley, raisens
acorn squash
carrot, squash and ginger juice, stix, peanut butter, flax seeds, pumkin seeds
chocolate, oats, peanut butter, raisens, milk
ogliofructose 50+ and my very first provex cv
2 hours
Sugar: 176
1 story and up the hill and then some


4 units
pumkin seeds, banana, sprouted barley
peanut butter and frozen tropical fruit, including grapes
chocolate and raisens
1 Provex CV
1 oglio
30 min.
1 story and up the hill
Sugar 141
trot to post office

6 units
orange and chocolate
fried whole wheat noodles with soy and sesame seeds and cabbage, with raw sprouted barley
2 Provex CV
1 oglio
carrot/squash/ginger juice
omlette: eggs, onion, cheese, broccoli, mushroom, ginger, black pepper, salt, coconut oil, topped with raw tomato water and slices
1 hour
sugar went low; had to eat three oreo

5 units
stix, peanut butter, sesame seeds, cheese, yeast, frozen fruit, ginger, raisens, milk
2 hours
sugar 236
5 units


I do not remember but it was not a good day; could have been worse


4 units
1 oglio
1 provex cv
pumpkin seeds
coconut oil on whole wheat spaghetti - heated
yeast and romaine
sesame seeds
flax seeds
30 min.
up the hill part way

3 units
1 oglio
1 provex cv
400 IU vitamin E
100 mg lipoic acid
carrot/squash juice
sesame seeds
6 almonds
peanut butter
1 hr
no exercise

Provex cv
Sugar: 90


2 units
chicken soup by Sharon
1 oglio, 1 provex cv, 400 IU vitamin E, 100 mg lipoic acid
sesame seeds
flax seeds
2 figs
Felt like stopping but at this point, half out of weakness and half out of wanting to test,
lots of steamed millet and coconut oil, and yeast on pressure-cooked baby limas
45 min
up the hill
sugar: 326
6 units
I'm thinking of going raw. Anyway, that steamed millet tasted good and tasted wrong both at the same time. I knew I was eating too much.

4 units
stix, yeast, peanut butter, soy/sesame sauce
Ezekial toast and coconut oil
raisens and chocolate
oatmeal, cream, honey
oglio, provex cv
2 hours
6 units

popcorn with butter
sugar 165
up the hill


2 units
carrot/squash/ginger/chard juice
Ezekial toast and coconut
1 oglio, 1 lipoic, 1 E, 2 provex cv
chocolate, sesame seeds, walnuts
turkey dogs and collards
did a little dance:
In the morning
I do a little dance
Because I love my girl -
Because I love my girl

3 units
1 oglio, 1 provex cv
Ezekial bread
same juice
peanut butter
sesame seeds
steamed millet
(this on a road trip)

6 units (still on road trip)
1 oglio, 1 provex cv
Ezekial bread
peanut butter
blonde raisens
apricot seeds
goji berries
6 units

apple (still on road trip - I went low)

pumpkin seeds
easter egg
turkey dogs and collards


8 units
Ezekial toast & coconut oil & dates
peanut butter
1 oglio, 1 lipoic, 1 E, 2 provex cv

3 units? 6?
oglio, provex
ground turkey, soy sauce, cabbage, beet stix, peanut butter
frozen fruit (melon, grape, mango), milk
tons of Ezekial toast & coconut oil
apple & chocolate

7 units
oglio, provex
deviled potato with picante sauce and fresh tomato
deviled egg
Ezekial toast and coconut oil
tons of dates and raisens, goji berries, peanut butter, chocolate
hot oatmeal, cinnamon, honey, cream
long time
no exercise, no extra shot, but swept and mopped some floors to gradually come off the saturated sugar feeling and the over-stuffed feeling. After an hour or more....
Sugar: 99


2 units
wheat grass, pumpkin seeds, apricot seeds, banana
ground turkey and fried cabbage and soy sauce
2 provex, oglio, E, lipoic
20 min

apple (sugar low)

no units
sprouted baby limas, steamed brocolli, sesame seeds, cinnamon
pumpkin seeds and chocolate
oglio and 2 provex
sugar: 152
I have decided not to time my meals after all; keep it simple and just stop when I should, however long it takes

3 hrs later
a few walnuts
sugar: 189
3 units


3 units
1 E, 1 lipoic, 2 provex cv
Ezekial toast and coconut oil, yellow and brown yeasts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, dates
up the hill

2 units
1 provex cv
carrot/beet/beet green/ginger juice, Ezekial toast and coconut oil
brown yeast, almonds (tons), chocolate, milk
yellow yeast
sugar 206
3 units

low sugar -
young coconut
lots of dates, peanut butter
6 units
1 oglio, 1 provex cv
steamed broccoli, deviled eggs, milk
more dates and stuff
4 units
up the hill

hours later, sugar 162
2.5 units


I forget breakfast but it involved lotta brown yeast and 2 shots and -
1 oglio, 1 E, 1 lipoic, 2 provex

no units
sprouted and sunned spelt barley and millet
lots of collards a turkey dog and lots of flax seeds
apricot pits
goji berries
brown yeast
1 provex
sugar: 136
out to dig weeds
1 hr later sugar: 129

no units
sharon's bean salad
boiled egg
1 provex
take kids to park, carry them up hill
when came back sugar: 178


no units
2 provex, lipoic, E
sprouted barley spelt and millet
pumpkin seeds
3 weight stairs

definition: weight stairs are walking down and up the outside stairs, which are two stories high, carrying two large dumb bells on a short bar out in front of my stomach with my elbows up.

no units
collards and yellow yeast
sprouted baby limas
2 weight stairs

no units
sprouted spelt barley millet, brown yeast
turkey dogs, cheese, lots of ginger
boiled egg, which I knew I should not eat but did anyway and sure enough I shouldn't have.
2 provex
lick of peanut butter
up the hill
later sugar: 148


I got sick of writing it all down. There was nothing new on the menu anyway. Had some off days and some good days without insulin. Yesterday was a good day without insulin. Had juice twice, once with a beet. Learned to limit my intake of brown and yellow yeast because they are fairly high carb. Learned to be careful and not feast too much, although yesterday I had a second course of frozen banana and a lot of peanut butter - right up until I didn't want any more and then held Emma while she slept instead of exercising and it felt like my sugar wasn't going up at all. After a couple of hours though, it felt like it might be a little so I tested and it was only 153. So that was very encouraging. Other than learning to be careful and cognizant, the key here is to eat things of value. I also ate a lot of nice dandelions yesterday. I notice that the real difference between days I think I can do this and days I just wish I could die is whether I am consuming lots of juice and raw veggies. I feel I have definately confirmed that this thing of really nurishing with real food does cure diabetes - I just need to keep it up longer than I did before. I confirmed that the idea I had when I was first diagnosed and thought I would finally eat like dad and cure this was correct and for real. I watched mother completely get over her arthritis yet she would slow or regress in her progress by not sticking with the program; you just really have to stick to the things you learn. I have continued to eat only live (hydrated) whole sprouted grains for my "bread." I stopped taking ogliofructose complex multi's because I get enough of everything in my food and other supplements and don't want to take too much copper or iron.


The 22nd of this month was the last day I shot any insulin.
I have added sunflower seeds (raw of course) to my meals; I heard they have a lot of Vitamin E and other good stuff. Really am enjoying them. Had them sprinkled down the middle of Romaine leafs - that was good.
Last night, I felt I should eat late and I ate quite a bit and I was so tired, I went to sleep without putting the food away, let alone exercising. So my sugar was a little high all night and in the morning. I tested it in the morning after I had been up a little while - it was 138.
I don't know why, but I felt very unenergetic and a little sick this morning. I started working and then I slept from about 9:30 to 2:30 and felt better. Saturday and Sunday were pretty hard working days; it may have been due to being worn out and also the high sugar overnight. Plus, it just finally got hot outside; it has been a cold Spring until yesterday.
I have not been exercising after each meal as much. I have focused more on stopping in time and eating more high-value foods, which even for me, there is room for improvement. Like last night, instead of munching on acids (cheese, nuts or chocolate), I munched on quite a haul of chard and tomatoes.
I'm feeling quite great.
Oh, I also need to mention that the last several weeks I was using insulin shots, the neuropathy in my left big toe came back and was hurting more intensely than ever - even keeping me awake at night. After a few days of that, I had enough and that was around the 17th or so when I quit the insulin. I was only doing a couple of units per meal but after I stopped the shots, all traces of neuropathy left right away. Haven't heard from them since.
Right now, I am not burny or numb or tired. I feel like a million bucks.
I do not seem to be losing any weight as expected, since stopping the shots. So I guess I must be producing my own insulin.
This past week, I am certain my sugars have generally been a little higher than when I was keeping very tight control with my shots, but I have not let myself get too concerned about it. Rather, I have kept my eye on the long-term and let the local oscillations damp out on their own. Just like when you are plowing or driving in your lane on the freeway: if you look just ahead, it is very difficult to go straight or smooth, but if you look way ahead, you naturally do. Therefore, I have not been using my test strips hardly. If they give good news, no surprise. Bad news, it will only dishearten me. Either way, I am not going to take a shot (unless I'm over 180) anymore, so why test if I know I am not too too high, and if I know I am eating very well and going for the long haul? In other words, knowing I am going to stay steering in my lane with my eye way ahead, I will avoid lane changes (such as binges and shots) that would harm my body far worse than the local perterbations I may be having at times.


Gotta tell ya what I did for breakfast this morning: Juice. I only wanted juice. No seeds or grain or anything. I didn't even take my supplements. This turned out to be a pretty good juice that my wife might even have liked:
2 MacIntosh apples
3 handfuls of very long wheat grass
~0.5 in^3 ginger root or less
1 leaf of green chard
4 carrots, not too thin, but not fat - maybe a little thinner than what you would call average.
No exercise.
Sugar: No problem.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

But I can certainly do my best.
I could never give this woman the appreciation she deserves because I am mortal.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Food Combinations

This will be an on-going work for a time so refer back to it.

I have said that creating any dish is much like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: you know how you like it and you just make it without a recipe or measurement because you have fixed it so often. Therefore, I wanted to create this post to highlight some of my best creations, not as recipes, but as general ideas. For example, the Japanese love to eat various things on top of a bowl of white rice and it usually includes meat, onions and ginger. Stated this way, it is a general idea that describes Japanese cuisine. But if you just go off and cook this way, to your own "vulgar independent" (to quote Jane Austin) tastes, without proper training in Authentic Japanese Cooking, well.... you won't be authentic Japanese. Too bad. My, how man loves his traditions! He will hold onto them 1,000 times longer and fiercer than his money or his time.


So I am going to post ideas here. Combinations. Themes. No recipes. Basics that you can add to. Some are single, not combinations, that I want to highlight. Some will be more general, some will be more specific. The first two illustrate this; the first will be general, the second specific:

Raw greens thrown onto the top of hot soup

Green chard and ginger (when I put these two through the juicer, one after the other, and then lick the screen, it is a wonderful lime sherbet foam kind of thing)

chocolate and - squash; apples; brazil nuts; peanuts; almonds; cranberries; raisens; banana;

banana and pumpkin seed

ginger and everything almost

raw vegetable sandwich (don't forget the fresh ginger slice "pickles")

cheese and fresh ginger slice "pickle" sandwich (does Subway have fresh ginger slices in their fixins? This will make millions for somebody)

"raw" oats and raisens (milk optional) - This is a real sugar rocket for diabetics

raw oats and picante sauce

cooked rhubarb and cream (even though I'm not doing cream, it is good)

my favorite: stewed dark purple plums with the peeling still on, in a bowl, with the purple juice swirling with pure 100% unfreakenized cow cream (even though I'm not doing cream)

Baked winter squash in a bowl of cream and chocolate shavings (even though I'm not doing cream)

raw oats or millet or steamed millet - with all the stuff that would normally go into a burrito supreme, sans flour tortilla, in a bowl

steamed millet instead of pasta

pasta made from millet? (never tried this)

tortilla chips made from millet

steamed millet can do anything rice can do, better (for you)

sprouted millet and cooked black beans (keep the juice) and mustard

sprouted millet and cooked kidney beans and curry powder and yeast

baked yam and pecan

wheat grass and sunflower seeds

almonds and collards

nitrite, nitrate-free turkey dogs (DO NOT MICROWAVE OR FRY; EAT FROZEN OR THAW IN WARM WATER OR THEY ARE YUCK) and collards

collard sandwich

sprouts and vegetable sandwich; salad; soup (I love soup with raw sprouts thrown on top and a raw egg too)

misso in your soup - any kind of misso, any kind of soup. use it instead of bouillon which is kyuacky and ka-ka. yellow yeast is good for that too

raw squash

squash juice


Rome apple (best bet for a diabetic, and the quality and flavor really grow on you. satisfying and not to acidic)

organic celery

organic collards

banana and oats

oats and raisens This is really good. To me, it is an oatmeal-raisen cookie. But it is a real sugar spiker for diabetics.

oats and raisens and milk. This is a super sugar spiker. Very tasty.

oats and raisens and milk and chocolate

Fish salad (such as tuna, salmon or sardine) with sprouted millet

sweetchies (boil wheat until it is just ready to pop - no more - use plenty of water and use salt)

sweetchies (still with plenty of the water you boiled it in) with bananas and cream or milk. This will be by far the most satisfying, empowering breakfast many of you will ever try - perhaps even the most yummy. Try substituting the cream or milk with young coconut (as defined as follows)

Young Coconut (take a young coconut and trim the outer husk or whatever they call it, at two ends, to gain better access to the shell. then drill a hole in each of these ends, keeping your finger over the first hole while you drill the second (you'll need head room for this if you use a drill press ;-D) and have a jar handy to drain the liquid into (don't lose a drop). Then cut the whole thing open (like with your wife's biggest, stoutest vegetable knife or meat cleaver and a hammer DO NOT BREAK THE KNIFE - using the axe is a little too messy) and scrape out the meat as thoroughly as possible and add to the liquid. Now blend the whole thing up thoroughly. You now have Young Coconut Milk. It's the best.

a great green salad can be made with green chard, rutebaga and tuscan italian dressing as key ingredients

dip your romaine into nutritional yeast

Romaine with sunflower seeds sprinkled down the middle of the leaf

Spelt/barley/millet sprouts and brown brewer's yeast

Yellow yeast on collard leaves

Fat Experiment

I always said, you only crave as much fat, sugar or salt as to which you are accustomed.

I read the other day, one should not consume unnatural amounts of fat. For example, you would never eat the amount of corn to give you the amount of corn oil you consume as a corn oil user. The author's point was to avoid certain kinds of oil; canola and corn, etc were not recommended but olive oil was. I didn't read enough to know how that works, but I guess olive oil is more abundant if you eat olives than corn oil if you eat corn. Anyway, it got me to thinking more about fat. I have resisted the idea of eliminating fat and have refused to watch my own fat intake, though I don't try to increase it either. But I have noticed it's effects. I like the idea of no ADDED fat. This tends to condemn my coconut oil. Perhaps I should get it all from coconuts. In fact, I have always been a peanut and nut fiend. Perhaps this is how I became diabetic. All I ever ate was traditional bread and peanut butter, practically my whole life. And when I get raw nuts (or cooked for that matter), I always simply cannot control my intake. I just gorge too much on them. Especially cashews and brazils. I was never so strongly attracted to almonds, but apparently I eat way too many of those also. So I think I eat too much fat even, that is NOT ADDED. Like, I add too many nuts. So this got me to thinking, perhaps the reason I have always tended to high sugar levels during the morning hours is the heavy grazing on nuts and peanut butter the evening before. In any case, I know it is true my habit of consuming lots of fat in the evening has definately been as consistent as the high sugar tendency in the morning. And twice now, since starting this blog, I have clearly experienced the night and day difference drinking milk and cream and so forth has made. It has made all the difference.

The idea is based on the logic that fat inhibits sugar absorption when you eat but then inhibits insulin later on in the bloodstream. So if I am burning sugar by exercising right after I eat anyway, I should be able to avoid sugar spiking without the help of fat - especially if I be a proper Stoppola Mehantia (stop eating precisely when I've had enough) and also limit my meal durations as I should.

So I could go pretty much fat free (no added fat except maybe what is in my Tuscan dressing, and no peanut butter and a lot less nut, not to mention no oil on my popcorn and no butter period) and observe what it does to my sugar tendency in the a.m.

But I do not mean to make rules here. Instead of saying I'll do this and I'll do that, I am going to go after the spirit of this thing: try to eat fresh and simple. Like today's breakfast. And generally don't depend on nuts. Perhaps a rule to eat them only before noon would be good.

Stop on time. And I intend to record on my daily postings the time duration of each meal from now on. No meal should take more than 20 minutes for a recovering diabetic, I believe.

Already, after this morning's perfect breakfast, I really felt the spirit of my old dad's ways. You know, dad used to eat everything by itself. No Added Anything. Except salt. He never put anything on his bread, his potato, his wheat, his meat, his broccoli. When it came to fat, he drank his cream straight, ate his fat cottage cheese plain, his nippy cheese alone (he never even had cheese in one hand and bread in the other; whatever he was eating was all he was eating; he ate his different foods that comprised his meal in series), and ate grease from the roast beef pan with a spoon. Oh, there were exceptions: I remember he liked mayonaise on his fresh tomatoes sometimes.

So I woke up last night briefly and was hungry for green beans for some reason. In the morning, I was still. So I had them for breakfast. I didn't need fat. I didn't need extra yeast. I had a perfect meal and I did not spoil it by having a little desert to absorb my momentum (I have a tendency to completely ruin a perfect meal because after enjoying such a perfect meal I want to keep on enjoying for a little while because the enjoyment was so intense during the perfection so I eat something else that a) doesn't go with what I had and b) is too much). I can really do this whole get better thing if I really toughen up against temptation to eat a little of this or that sometimes, and eat fresh, plain and simple.

Brewer's yeast is key here, apparently. I never knew about it or used it much before, but they say it is high in protein, B vitamins and chromium, which is key to diabetic health. And eating it straight, I don' t need to research or wonder how much to use - I eat enough and stop. I find, after using it the last 2 or 3 meals, that it doesn't take much yeast before you're done.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about cooked beans and millet. I know it would be more effective if I just sprouted them and ate them all raw. But I don't know about the beans. Oh well. Cooked beans aren't bad as long as you only eat half a can at a time. I know I ate too much steamed millet yesterday (or was it the day before?).

Strictly speaking, this means I should simplify my juice too, if not eliminate it. But I'm not strict. But I am serious.

I had better say something about some potential confusion here. My dad never ate things together, let alone mixed together. I talk about appetite, eating simple and in the spirit of how he ate. I do not mean I will not mix things a bit. I do not mean I will not eat two things together. Eventually, I may end up as a purist in his ways, but right now, I do not think it is necessary. Dad used to always assert that it was bad to mix in something else to make a food supposed to be good for you more palatable. My silent argument always was, I do not need to add another food; I enjoy the food alone well enough, but there is yet another completely unique flavor I crave that comes only from mixing the two. So don't be confused if I tout my dad's philosophies and integrity yet do things a little differently. He ate a lot of animal fat and not much raw vegetable compared to me. And I intend to do a special post summarizing my favorite food combinations.

One more note: This morning I happened to notice my sugar began to rise at the same time I started thinking I maybe had had enough, appetite-wise. So Stop whenever you first feel either one. Then you won't have to run so much - but you still can if you want. Running and wrestling are much more fun when you aren't stuffed like a backpack and all sugared out.