Thursday, October 16, 2014

I was in the low-budget grocery store today seeing what looked good and one thing looked really good - the kale. 99 cents for a bunch. It looked really good. I went home with some and got the onions I had baked in the shell yesterday and squeezed them out of their shells into a frying pan in which I had melted a dab of butter along with a 1/16-in. layer of coconut oil, all sticky, juicy and slimy, sliced them a bit, threw on some (dry) grits, cumin and a dash of garlic powder, and browned them to go with hot steamed Japanese style rice, cold, light-red kidney beans and the kale, which I had washed nicely. And of course, I used chopsticks, and devoured that pile of snorse like a horse. Whatever. Japanese rice makes that there kind of thing not only irresistible but you can't help snarfing it as fast as you dare.