Thursday, May 1, 2014

Now and again, I fix myself a full course meal and have to exclaim it was the best I had ever tasted and far better than anything I ever had from any chef. Is that because in cooking for myself, I know what I like? I suppose. But also I think I just get plain lucky. But not just luck, I apparently have a knack. Because if I ever follow a recipe or measure anything, just like when I am doing mechanic work, my eye is more accurate, so when I use measuring tools, cooking or wrenching, it seems to turn out wrong. But when I just use my eye, just like I do (and everyone else I hope) when I make a pb&j or something like that, it turns out great. Well, here's what such a meal I had tonight: Frozen and breaded Maryland Blue crab cake (which I was told to deep fry), thawed, heated a minute in the microwave, and then fried in a pan in butter, both sides. Rice from the rice cooker, done to perfection. Which means you do it soft but not soggy, dry but not burst. You steam it till just before it wants to burst. And you let it scorch by turning the cooker on again a time or two and then let it sit without taking the lid off till it has a chance to un-stick itself from the bottom. Salad: Plenty of Romaine, rutabaga slivers - right amount, a little broccoli, slice green onions - just the right amount, cucumbers (peeled), tomato, enough fresh ginger to not be too little, but not too much to where it is in every bite (in salads, you want it to show up every now and again for that "MMMM! SO goood!" surprise), mayo, Annie's Tuscan Italian. Tip: You got to ALWAYS have more than plenty of rice!