Saturday, February 20, 2010

Juice Tip

For years I have known about watering down the orange juice to make it more crisp, mild and refreshing, but it never occurred to me to improve other juices this way until last night. We bought some of the more expensive juice - in the bottle - and since it was too powerful and too much at once for me, I diluted it with about 4 and then 9 parts water, and wow, suddenly it was more like a drink and less like syrup! It was cran-grape, by the way.

Then I realized the carbonated drinks generally have about the same watered-down fruit wonder!

Just think how this lowers the cost, sugar and carb per glass! Excellent for diabetics and for kids that you want to preserve from diabetes!

And less anti-oxidents and vitamins per glass too, but who cares? The sugar-punch a kid gets from fruit juice is unnatural; he's better off getting the rest of what he needs from milder sources.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chicken or the Egg

My answer to which came first is I don't know.

This epitomizes my attitude about such things. Some folks cannot believe the Bible's main message if the entire Bible is in their eyes flawless (flawless according to their own criteria), so they force themselves to believe that everything must be explained and that (for example) there is no way we came from apes. They end up just the same as the clergy who embarrassed themselves by proclaiming the earth was flat and by persecuting Galileo and his ilk.

Why not just be honest with yourself and be content with what you do know? Why try to prove anything else? It is because men try to know and be more than they do and are that there is more than one Christian church in the world today.

In regard to evolution, science, creation, doctrine, I am content that whatever happened and however it took place did so, no matter what I think. Therefore, why worry or even wonder? I talk to God; He talks to me. I know that much so it makes no difference to me how I came to be. I also know that God wills organized religion - as long as it was organized by Him, and that there are necessary ordinances and oblations administered formally through His priesthood to gaining His presence again. I know this because He talks to me. He talks to anyone who is not afraid to seek Him where He is.

The Bible's main message? Repent, for Christ lives, having died for us. Repent and live forever. It's all through the Old Testament as well as the New.

Stuff That Irritates Me

Normally when I push snow, I am driving a huge 2003 Ford F250 with no frills and, for a 2003, no nonsense.


It's up high, has big tires and nothing stops it. It literally pushes snow - piles of it.

The cab is clean and relatively free of gadgetry for a contemporary vehicle.

Today, I traded with Kenny, who normally drives a newer GMC. It has 4 doors, power everything, is low to the ground, is only 1/2 ton, is basically an El Camino in truck form. It has those new big flashy turn signals in the rear view mirrors. It has On-Star. It automatically locks the doors after you drive 20 feet. I was escorting Matt who was driving the Bobcat on public streets (top speed 4 mph). I had my flashers on, and since I was driving so slow with my flashers on (one can only presume), On-Star called me up and we were busy pushing buttons to make it go away. Finally, it did. I drove off and on for 11 hours today, and since I didn't know where the power buttons to adjust the seat were, I just suffered through with aching back and awkward handling of the controls. I did find the one that blows up the seat cushion though. That did not help.

A whole bunch of crap from the computer kept spewing across a window on the dash. I didn't bother to read any of it, but it inspired me to say, "I don't want to drive around in a computer; they are fine if you leave them on the desktop." I don't need the blue screen of death (nor a window I cannot open or shut because the wiring went bad) where speed and my body are concerned.

Nor do I need ABS, auto, this, that, crap, and least of all do I need electronic beeping and chiming.

I am very grateful for the GMC and the chance to share the experience. It served me well today, and I found driving it very irritating.

Can we get rid of all the useless electronic beeps? Let's start with microwave ovens and big trucks backing up, and work from there.

Friday, February 5, 2010


It is time for a revival because I have generally slipped into old habits, using more insulin, eating big or long meals and so forth.

My goals now are to train my body never to eat large or long and to keep my sugar from EVER spiking at all.

My focus is not to become insulin shot free.

Not eating after 6:00 or 8:00 pm had gone out the window because of my 24/7 on-call employment, but that should be ending soon.

I also told my wife not to buy me any more peanuts.

I got some good produce the other day and have begun again to eat my salads, vegetable sandwiches, seeds, yeasts, rutebagas and beets.

My motivation as always is, I want to feel great, not like crap. Also, I'd like to be a healthy old coot.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nihonteki Bento Shokuji

soba noodles - fried tofu - carrot slivers - celery - scallions - fresh ginger - red bell pepper - shiitake mushrooms - tamari - sesame oil (don't overdo it) - sesame seeds - cilantro - garlic

can add millet and barley

can eat two large collard leaves on the side if they are big and succulent and green, green, green