Monday, February 27, 2012

good lunch

ryse, fresh tomato, collards, daicon. Real good, even without the ginger, which I am glad I forgot because it did great without.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Great Meals

Wow, I've been having some really great meals with new constituents that jive well. I haven't been writing them all down but here is today's lunch, which compared to yesterday's stop at Panera Bread for a salmon Mediterranean salad, was much more delightful.

Started with a cold pan of plain oatmeal with nothing on, with or in. Then had a really good apple. A little later, I dug into fresh organic celery, ryse (but I was out of amaranth and by the way, I now also add sesame seeds so that's amaranth, soaked barley, soaked spelt, millet, sesame, and dash of flax), crisp roasted laver, fresh ginger root, cheddar, and followed up with a sweet organic carrot.

Best of all, I did not over-eat and now I feel like a million bucks!