Thursday, September 7, 2017

Did I Mention Oil?

I pretty much stay completely away from any oil anymore, that has not been expeller-pressed.  It's nice because I no longer have to remember all the fancy stuff I learn and forget about hydrogenated this, and polyunsaturated that.  Together with my never consuming sugar ever again, this pretty well keeps me in the safety zone, I think.

Red Meat

For the past 20 years (don't blink - it goes quick), standard USDA beef consumption has always caused the tendons in my knees and elbows to hurt and ache.  Inflammation, I think they call it.
Natural grass-fed, free-range beef, and venison have had absolutely none of this effect on me.
Now that I am 57 (it's been going on since just this year), my right hip has been really sore like my knees and elbows get when I eat USDA Red.  It's pretty bad.  My wife has a USDA roast in the crockpot right now.  I think I shall forego tasting it, and cook me some chicken for tonight.  And I hope that, unlike my mother, who became an invalid when she was 60 because her hip joints disappeared, I will be able to continue my hard labor to which I am accustomed, running up and down all these Pittsburgh hills and stairs in my house.  In addition to my dietary measures, I use Melaleuca Inc.'s Replenex and Replenex Extra Strength.
I clearly recall that my mother was especially in the greatest pain whenever she ate red meat, and she became affected right about the time they started dicking with the beef, which was mid-1970s from what I am told.  Her hips gave out in 1977.  I could be wrong about the timing, I don't know.  But I believe that in 1972, beef was still beef.


It goes against the basics of this blog but here is the bbq sauce I sometimes enjoy on any sort of pig meat, if I am missing being able to have a hot dog:

1 diced onion
1 diced garlic clove
1 Tb paprika
1 Tb Original Tabasco Sauce (McIlhenny Co.)
8 oz tomato sauce
dash or three black pepper
1/2 C dark honey (I use wildflower honey from 1980)

It goes against the basics of this blog but here is a recipe I enjoy:

black beans
canned corn
chopped cilantro OR parsley, either one, not both
fresh avacado
gourmet vinigar - just a dash
some fresh purple onion

It's a recipe, but really not too fancy.  For me, anyway.  You can also add some carrot, cooked or not.  Or anything else you want.  My wife has made something like it only a little more fancy, for years but the above recipe is what I enjoyed last night.  Try lime juice instead of vinegar, if you like.


Years ago, soy products in the USA generally went from non-gmo to gmo.  That is, whereas up to that point, soy in all products at Harry's Grocery and at Walmart had been natural, subsequent products generally all contained genetically modified soy.  As I began to consume the latter, I found myself breaking out in hives.  Having definitely isolated the cause to be the gmo soy, I eliminated it from my diet and continued to enjoy natural soy wherever I could get it, hive-free.  If I happened to eat the gmo again, the hives came back.
If you are not clearly familiar with hives and what they are like, I hope you will read about it and become so, without having to experience it yourself.  They do not heal or stop itching in a short time.
By and by, I stopped doing soy regularly.
Last week, a hive appeared on the back of my hand.  It itched constantly but I didn't pay it much mind.  This week, hard-up for protein (didn't even have any beans), I searched out and consumed the last can of tuna (in oil - I always buy "in water") my son had left behind when his visit here ended.  A few hours later, 12 additional hives appeared on my arms and legs.
Then I thought about it.
I had tried a little of his tuna on our camping trip last week, just prior to the first hive appearing.
The tuna was canned in gmo soybean oil.
Well, There you go.
Update:  Now I estimate I have a total of at least 4,000 hives.  Mostly on elbows, wrists, knees and ankles.  These additional are smaller than the really large ones that first appeared.  The breakout seems to have peaked and is about wound down now.
Update:  Now they are on the palms of my hands and the insides of my forearms and fingers, and on the outsides of  my fingers.  I never had any kind of a thing on my palms before!  But it still seems to be winding down, although hives, as I might have said, do not stop itching ot go away in anybody's definition of a short time.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I was having tuna on leaf lettuce and then I sprinkled it heavy with ginger and garlic.  Winner!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Today I had a fish sandwich but I skipped the lettuce and fat spread.  All I put on the bread was pink wild-caught salmon from a can and a ton of black olives from a can.  NUM!