Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Had some chicken for dinner. I wanted chicken and guess what that is what my wife made so great - but she put some sauce on it that a neighbor had made and I don't know what was in it - sugar maybe?

Anyway, I went to sleep in a chair and woke up a bit ago and it is about 4:30 am and I was feeling like my sugar was a little high so I went ahead and tested and sure enough (no surprise) it was 130. Which is how high I feel it would be. But at least I didn't pig out or anything like that, which is what I bet I could avoid in my last post. Dinner was very satisfying. I had collards from the garden with the chicken. I'm glad I had it in spite of the sauce because that is what my body wanted.

Just a note for those who do not read all my posts, I explained that I never test without reporting it here and I never take insulin without reporting it here. If I report nothing, it means I am doing really well. So if you look to see how much of a gap there was between reporting the insulin use and high sugars of last week and anything like that previous, that is how long I did well. I haven't looked myself but wasn't it at least a couple of months? If I can do a couple of months (or whatever it was) like that, I can do 200 years I think. Two weeks doesn't prove anything but two months is a pretty good indication. But for me, winter is more difficult than summer. Winter will tell.

I just want to mention if I didn't already make it clear, I have zero neuropathy and good feeling feet. The scars are fading on my shins and the skin does not injure so readily as it used to. I seem to heal from broken skin faster, but I never did have a big issue there. Currently, the only supplement I am taking is an occasional dash of brown yeast, the kind containing chromium. I generally eat a whole head of romaine per day, which is roughly equivalent to an RDI of chromium, to my best guesstimate. Anyway, it's how much I am hungry for and it really goes great with sunflower seeds, cucumbers from the garden and sometimes a sprinkle of brown yeast. Oh, and when I feel like it, I have a drink mix packet of vitamin C etc, but that's not too often.

Well, bye and good health to you if I don't post for a while.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Breakfast Update

Early on, I logged everything I was eating to give you an idea, but it has evolved and although I have written about it, I think it good to give a summary of my current diet.

Here are my main staples of late: Romaine, collards, rutabaga, juice, sunflower seeds, sprouted mix of millet, spelt and barley. I have never really given a recipe for the juice I have been doing. It really tastes super to me; I crave it and look forward to it every day. So here's an actual recipe, as exact as I ever do it:

6-10 carrots
yam about the size of a hockey puck
fresh ginger root about the size of a 25 cent bubble gum ball or jaw-breaker (if they are still 25 cents)
1 whole broccoli stalk and head
a few collard leaves
1 heaping dinner plate of wheat grass

Sometimes I put a little of this or that also, but that is basically it. Don't always use collards either. This morning's breakfast was particularly delicious and perfect.

The above is true of the last few months whether or not I was also eating a lot of peanut butter and cream and cheese and such. Since getting back on the wagon about 4 days ago, and remembering what I had said earlier about loving good food and not rewarding yourself with bad food but rather never take a break from the good, and thinking I should be more strict, I have not had anything but superfood. I have also been following the 6:00 pm rule and fasting after that, sometimes after 5:00 pm or so. In addition to the main staples above, I still eat everything else good I ever mentioned too, but not all the time like those above. For those who are just getting on board, I am not a vegetarian. Most of the time I look like one, but I do not believe in abstinence from animal products. I have continued, since writing about it, total abstinence from almonds. When I get even better, I probably will return to eating soaked almonds, but don't hold your breath because I'm afraid eating soaked ones will lead to popping a dry one here and there. They really put my sugar up for some reason, as does white flour and grapefruit.

Since getting on the wagon, I can tell my sugar has been around 95, but I am thinking if I am going to the trouble of this blog, I really should be testing and reporting my sugars on a daily basis so I have some credibility. So I am thinking of investing in some strips but haven't bought them yet. I should also reiterate that I have never been so not hungry. And that most people think when they half-listen to what I am saying that I am saying I have my sugar under control and/or that I am starving. Actually, compared to the average person, I am the opposite of starving and rather than having my sugar under control, my body does it for me, like any other non-diabetic person, except that I am recovering and still need to be more careful than the bullet-proof folks. In fact, if I ever get into the old habits of eating, it only makes obvious sense that even if I were FULLY recovered from the disease, I would contract it again easier than before because I am much older now. This does not mean to me that I am really normally diabetic - not by a long shot, for this reason: The old way of eating is far from normal; the way I eat now is normal. When you eat normal, you generally heal. From any disease, God willing. And for God to be willing is the normal thing to expect. Dying should be the special case.

All you have to do to see how honest an effort the medical researchers (and/or those who should apply their results) are making to cure people is to look at a hospital patient breakfast lunch and dinner menu. Especially if you have taken time to really read my entire blog and/or what some doctors have written on the subject, such as Reversing Syndrome X.

Of course, if your job is to come up with a pill that cures or bandaids something, that is your expertise and your job. And if that's what the market demands, your job is intact. So whose fault is it if people don't know about nutrition? All I know is, all people, including me, do not appreciate how important it is. Without this disease, I never would have learned first hand what I do know, even though I had quite an appreciation that I learned from my parents.

I can see (and I see it all the time) how people could half listen to what I am saying and dismiss it. I cannot see how they could carefully read it and not agree that it is pretty big news. I do know what it is like to be so ingrained with one's current diet to be unable (in 12 years anyway) to dare to think of having to give it up. Most people do not dare to even go near such thoughts. I was pretty shaken when I started out, just having been diagnosed, even though I had already for years intended to someday eat like my dad and try to avoid cancer. It still scared me to think I had no choice any more. And then for the next 12 years, off and on, I continued to eat all the same old stuff. When the neuropathy started getting to be a significant pain, I was down to only needing a nip or two of insulin shot, so it all worked out. I said, I like good food and I like feeling good, so why not just forget all the concocted stuff and make closure? Plus, at the time, I had lost my medical benefits and was motivated to save on diabetic supplies and so forth.

Having said all this today, I bet you I can go until tomorrow and beyond without crashing and doing the opposite of what I said, as has been my tendency. You know, like every time I say I don't eat bread, that night I do just that - that sort of thing.

This leads into the answer to the question, if you say how wonderful real food tastes and all that, why are you still tempted to eat some of the same old stuff? It's psychological, you know. Like how I fall off the wagon (as just described) just because I say something. There's always temptation. Even though the good and real food tastes better and satisfies better, you still remember the old comfort food wasn't bad - you really enjoyed it. And you would still enjoy it as a change of pace, having not had it so long. On the other hand, long abstinence has sometimes made me go years and years with not caring at all about certain junk foods or even peanut butter. But anyway, just because you like Food A better than Food B, doesn't guarantee you will always be in the mood for just Food A. There may be times when you are too lazy to go get Food A and there's a party going on and every one's eating Food B, which is pretty tasty if you're in the mood......you know what I mean. But the morning (or even minute) after ALWAYS votes for Food A next time. I am pretty much incapacitated from work and movement when I overeat or do Food B, insulin shot or not. With Food A, I am like in my 20's again - no exaggeration.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pasteurization Revisited and Reiterated

Based on my studies so far, when extenuating circumstances do not warrant it,

There is no good thing about pasteurizing dairy products.

There is no bad thing about consuming raw dairy products under normal circumstances.

There is a ton of benefit in consuming raw dairy products under normal sanitary circumstances.

Neuropathy This Time

This time around taking insulin, I was surprised I had very little neuropathy, though I had some. It didn't show up in my one big toe like it had been constantly doing a few months back. It got real bad in that one toe until I went off insulin, then it stopped. But it would come back when I had just one little isolated shot. And go away again after that. This time, I heard nothing from that toe. Most of the pain this time was in a spot on the outer side of my ribs. After one day of being good, all neuropathy was gone.

This indicates healing was going on during those couple of months leading up to this week. We already knew that from the degree I was able to eat carbohydrates without insulin shots or exercise, not to mention my energy level.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Back

Since my last posts, most of this week, I have been generally eating once a day, not too bad of food, like a lot of peanut butter, romaine, and refried pinto beans and cheese and some cream in addition to the juice and stuff. Eating too long though, and too late in the day, and getting up to 250-300 and taking 5 or 6 units and going to bed.

Off the wagon, in other words. Hmmm, I recently heard that the sugar beets that fell off the wagon had just as much sugar in them as the ones still on the wagon. Just as much sugar, eh? Actually, more.

Disregard the last paragraph if it means nothing to you.

Well, so like I said, I was broke down most of the week but today I got back up with a bang. I had 3 short (just ate until I had enough) meals, all centered around juice, no peanut butter or cooked beans, no cheese, no dairy. Didn't even want any grain. Just juice, greens, radishes, brown yeast, sunflower seeds. I was completely satisfied. Enjoyed it too. And get this: I exercised after each short meal even though I pr'y 'd ah been alright without.

So we'll see how I keep doing. I'll let you know whenever I'm bad, as always. Boy, lotta energy today. Lotta laughter too. Feeling good and not being diabetic makes ALL the difference. Those 30 and over who don't eat like it says in the link I gave last time will also experience ALL the difference when they do.

Health Basic

I came across a pretty good article that puts a lot of it into a nutshell:

Everyone should at least know the things this article lays out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What It Is

Here's what it is:

One must be patient. I prayed for a thing when I was young and the distinct impression I received was that if I were patient, I would eventually receive it if that's what I wanted.

I weighed patience and the thing and chose to drop it and move on.

What it is, is, I'm not patient. I can be patient with diabetes and my wife and my friends and my kids, my customers and those I try to help. No matter how disappointed I am in current affairs, if just keep patience for the final finish and the final reward, or at least rewards in the future, near and distant, or both, and be all I can to all these people, including the flakey ones, rather than punish them or give up on them, each one of them will do me justice in the end by their gratitude and love at the very least.

I had an appointment this morning at 9:00 am to see a man at a fabrication shop and tour his operation, and see about possible collaboration. I didn't hear my alarm. I'd fought with my wife for no reason last night and stayed up quite late. I woke up at 9:00 sharp and had to call and tell him. He said to call him next week but I did not want to, after what happened. But I will. Hopefully, he'll choose patience. This experience really shook me up.

There - see? I didn't want to call next week because I had no patience with myself.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I fell off the wagon day before yesterday and I ain't got back on. I don't have an explanation. Today, I was hungry and had a lot of juice and felt great and then went and ate a whole lot more and didn't feel as great, but wasn't sorry. I got up to 277 and took 5 units.

Now I have a question: Why do, or do we have to always be tested and fail right after we say something? Why do I have to binge or whatever every single time I tell someone how well I've been doing? Why do I have to eat a piece of cake right after I tell someone I do not eat cake? Why do I have to yell at my wife right after saying I never want to yell again? Why, after explaining that our feelings follow our actions and we don't really feel very angry until we start yelling and then it takes off exponentially, and that the common tool of Satan is to turn down the light, do I have to do that very thing for the first time in ages? Seems we are always tested right away on whatever we say. In my case, I usually fail. It kind of serves as a fortification of my knowledge that what I said really really was true, for the next opportunity to be tested.

All I can say is, I feel no discouragement or doubt. My recent success has been too great for any of that. I use the word success for clarity but I really mean blessing.

Sure am loving that Romaine. Been eating the red variety - did you know there is a difference in flavor from the regular green kind?

While I'm here, let me tell you about the wild flowers along the bike trail in Baldwin Borough. I could not tell whether they were planted deliberately by humans or just naturally occurring weeds. They were breathtaking today. I was coming home from the dentist (oral surgery) and gazing at the colors helped ease the pain. I felt fine afterward, a good kind of hurt. The colors and the patterns were both unprecedented for me.

Still feeling a lot of love.

And I don't know whether I mentioned it, but I have been noticing a sudden acceleration in my love for Pittsburgh and surrounding area and people lately. It really is such a cool place. I was riding up river close to home and thinking boy I sure couldn't be doing this back in the Utah desert, no sir. Of course, different as they are, I enjoy cycling equally in Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City, each for very different but good reasons. I think it is silly to compete and trash talk between cities and states. I love the whole earth. What do I care that some guys drew some borders and built some buildings and infrastructure and set up some governments? I'll tell you what I do not like though. I am very against the big push to standardize things and make everything all brand new (even if no one occupies) to the point (which we have already arrived and passed by) that you cannot tell what city or part of the country you are in because the brand new shopping areas all look the same. We need more mom and pops and dusty roadsides. C'mon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slice a' French Toast

So today after church, having not eaten, I made my juice - with lots of collards and lots of wheat grass. Very rich with wheat grass today. Made a lot too. Drank all that plus had a lot of meat sauce whole wheat spaghetti a la Sharon and then some more with cream but before that had a slice of french toast the kids had left and also had some peanut butter and salad. Wow all at once and then 6 units thank you very much sure was good.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Slice of Bread

Actually, hot cakes.

Today I was telling someone again how well I was doing. Whenever I do that, I have a crash that night. I also told them I cannot eat a slice of bread, only my sprouted grains as-is.

So naturally, when I was done talking to them, I went and ate some of Sharon's hotcakes and then I topped it off with a bunch of popcorn. I felt sugary, even after some exercise and work, so I tested: 318. Took six units. Went to bed. Hour and a half later woke up and struggled up the stairs to eat some apples I got off the neighbor's ground - SOOO GOOD! Because my sugar had gone low and I was in a sweat and all that. After pigging out and then settling down and reading a bit and being afraid I would need another shot, I what the heck and spent another test strip: 107.

Also note, no juice today either.

Seems I am doing more poorly since quitting my supplements, but I'm going longer - jury's still out. One thing is certain: I always do poorly on days I don't have supplements or juice, even if I eat a lot of romaine and pretty good stuff.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Beautiful Feet? Beautiful News.

I never felt I had a need to force any of this on anyone and I did not want to chance upsetting anyone and I really didn't care that much....

But there comes a point when you realize something is undisputably no-contest true and it starts to flow from your mouth without carefulness.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Window Screens

I mentioned it in my last post, so I elaborate on screens.

First thing I do when I move into a place is remove those pesky storm doors that battle you every time you try to enter your house with the groceries. Next thing I do is throw away all screens.

There is no better method for hampering your view of the outdoors than utilizing a screen.

Screens are highly effective flow restrictors to inhibit cool, fresh breezes that would otherwise come in through the window or the front door.

Screens get rusty or dirty and are one of the most effective ways next to vinyl or aluminum siding to give your home that crappy look.

Screens trap, torture and kill flying insects inside your home. They do nothing to keep harmful bugs outside. At least where I live. Our mosquitos here are smart, if not likeable. They do not like to come into the house. So with all the windows wide open, they do not come in. They only like it in the garden and they only come out at night.

Did you know your worst air pollution you ever experience is inside your sealed up home? Weather permitting, ours is always wide open. It's the way I was raised. It's the only way. In winter, I air out the house each morning before turning on the furnace. And at night, I always prefer to sleep with the window wide open if I am not sleeping outside.

Fresh air, people. Fresh air.

Standard of Living vs. Quality of Life

We visited Aunt Connie in Southern Utah several years ago. She guided us to ancient ruins of villiages where people lived in hogans. We examined fragments of fine pottery. The thing that struck me most was, simple and probably rugged though their lifestyle, they probably had a better quality of life than I. I don't know this, but it seemed to be. I imagined fathers living close to their families and not having a lot of complicated machinery to maintain and be a cog of. But even though their technology was primitive, men are men and there may well have been a system in place for the power hungry to grind the face of the common man. Could be that his quality of life was no better than mine, who knows? But if you imagine it, people working together with each other and nature and none gouging any, indeed they would greatly prosper without hurting the earth or abusing each other. Their burdens would be very light. They would have quality of life. Family togetherness.

I just picked up a paragraph from Wilkepedia:

Deep ecology establishes principles for the well-being of all life on Earth and the richness and diversity of life forms. This is only compatible with a substantial decrease of the human population and the end of human interference with the nonhuman world. To achieve this, deep ecologists advocate policies for basic economic, technological, and ideological structures that will improve the quality of life rather than the standard of living . Those who subscribe to these principles are obliged to make the necessary change happen. (Devall, W. and G. Sessions (1985). Deep Ecology: Living As If Nature Mattered. Layton, Utah: Gibbs Smith, p. 70. ISBN 9780879052478)

This was written by someone who knew what I am talking about. But they do not have the right solution. The Lord declared, "For the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare; yea, I prepared all things, and have given unto the children of men to be agents unto themselves. Therefore, if any man shall take of the abundance which I have made, and impart not his portion, according to the law of my gospel, unto the poor and the needy, he shall, with the wicked, lift up his eyes in hell, being in torment."

I do not believe in a hands-off policy. We should be scientific and proactive; we are agents. We have dominion. We have the Lord's guidance. The earth did not just happen, so its maintenance should not be left to "nature" nor should it be left to evil men.

I call for people with a concience everywhere to stop consuming what they do not need. My favorite example is our brand-new "dependence" on refridgeration. Please! We have nearly 100% of our citizens in the US maintaining a guesstimated average of 65 degrees all summer long in their vehicles and buildings, whether they live in Georgia, Texas or North Dakota. I have never lived more than 6 months in a state where air conditioning was even useful, let alone needed. Why do the same people need to be in a 75 degree environment all winter long and a 60 degree environment all summer long? I used to ride a bus for an hour and 20 minutes to and from work across the cool Southeast Idaho desert during the summer time. The temperature (according to my memory) ranged between 70 and 90 degrees. I had to wear my long winter overcoat to ride and sleep on the bus because they always cranked the a/c to maintain a temperature somewhere in the 50's or close to it. This in an area where people lived comfortably in the summer without refridgeration for thousands of years, where there are no bugs to speak of, and sweat is a rare thing. I now live in Pennsylvania. It gets humid sometimes and sometimes it's hot. But we still have no use for air conditioning. One of my favorite things in life is having a fresh cool breeze waft in through an open (screenless) window on a hot and humid day or evening. People who live in a/c never get fresh air. They could go travel in space and never be unhappy. Finally, I have to ask, if we had it through the history of man until the last 110 years, WHAT IS WRONG WITH SWEAT?????????????????????????????????????????????

We think we must maintain our standard of living and light up the world. Why? Turn on a light when you need it. Why do we need to light up China? I will tell you who says we need to light up China: people selling commercial nuclear power. Do they have a reason? Yes - only that it will put money in their pocket and they will be able to say, "We lit up China. It was dark at night, looking from space, and the US was all lit up. Now they are both lit up." Why are we more concerned with "safety" and "security" than the environment? Why can't we use other, more direct and effective methods to find our way in the dark and combat crime than light? Why don't we carry a flashlight or just go to bed at night???????????

Everywhere I look, tons of excess extravagance. Most of it serving only to insulate from lawsuits and/or to make a marketing pitch.

But I just love that phrase, "improve the quality of life rather than the standard of living ."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fast Frisbee

Several years ago, I invented the ultimate frisbee game. Unfortunately, there was a slower, klunkier frisbee game that had already presumed to take the name 'ultimate frisbee.'

So I had to name mine 'fast frisbee.' Maybe a better name anyway. But the other game is not the ultimate, so they should give up the name.

Background: When you exercise to exercise, it can be very tedius and mentally anguishing. That's why I enjoyed wrestling so much. You were having too much fun, usually, to notice how exhausted you were. Plus, it was so unpredictable as to when you would get relief (as opposed to running a specified distance or riding a bike to the top of a hill), you tended not to think about it. Anyway, in my teens, I invented a game that was great exercise in which, unlike wrestling, had zero anguish. It was simple: you go out on a grass field with another person and a frisbee and play catch. The more the other person stinks at frisbee throwing, the better the workout you get, because you try to catch every single throw, no matter how far off and unlikely. You dive and roll a lot. Plus, the thing is, you never hang onto the frisbee. In and out. You catch it, you are throwing it - all in one motion. So there's minimal resting and slowing down. And waiting. After a while, since you are running every which way and catching high and low and left and right, you get so you develop a variety of throwing techniques to suit your relative position to your target - especially since there is no stopping and it is supposed to be all one motion. So you get pretty good at the following throws:

Outside Overhand
Inside Overhand
Outside Thumb
Inside Thumb
Inside Underhand (Regular)
Low Inside Underhand (same as regular except instead of starting with the frisbee held level across your pelvis or stomach, you start with the frisbee vertical and back as if you were going to pitch a softball or horse shoe and then as you bring it forward, you snap it to level so it flies level. This usually results in a high hovering flight)
I suppose you could throw a decent Outside Underhand, but I have never developed it or found it practical since I have the Outside Thumb to throw.
Similarly, there isn't much use for the Inside Overhand because of the Inside Thumb. Mostly, I just throw the Outside Overhand, Outside Thumb and Regular. And I throw with my left hand.

Slow and klunky Ultimate Frisbee makes a big deal out of the success of each throw. There is a lot of waiting and running around for position while the man with the disc ducks around trying to throw past the guards jumping all over him to block his shot. It's very tedius. And Klunky. Each throw is such a big deal, and is so pre-meditated, the game always gets too serious and players get left out while the boldest soon fall to throwing only to their buddies they know best.

Another problem with Ultimate and it's big-deal throws, people are careful so they do most of their throws as a Regular and most of their catches with two hands. Nothing fancy, nothing fun.

So here's how you play: Just like Ultimate, but replace Thou Shalt Not Run With The Frisbee with Thou Shalt Not Hold The Frisbee. Also, forget out of bounds. Out of bounds, even in basketball, is just an excuse for sissies to rest and slow the game down. Also, and this is essential, when the frisbee is dropped or a catch is missed, whoever picks it up has possession. Who lost it has no relevance. That way, you have a lot more chasing, diving and piling. But more importantly, it reduces the big deal out of every throw because you know that if they miss, it doesn't automatically mean it's the other team's ball. But obviously, there is motivation to throw and catch well to score. And to score, you have to make the catch. If the frisbee hits the turf in the end zone, offense has to throw it back out to the field; defense does the same thing but obviously keeps trying to drive it to the other end zone. Because of the Thou Shalt Not Hold The Frisbee rule, the game is condusive to the various throwing techniques. One does not stop running just because he catches the frisbee, but he can if he wants. Just so he throws it as it is caught. Being this fast, it becomes necessary to have someone in the end zone well before the movers are ready to attempt a goal; therefore, it is permissible for a receiver (and a defender) to remain in the end zone at all times. In fact, it is permissible for all players to be anywhere they please at any time.

Simple Mayo

Tonight I wanted traditional tuna so I made some mayo to go with my tuna, fresh ginger chips (in lieu of pickle) and romaine.

I took my coconut oil, which I have been keeping in the fridge, so it's pretty hard, and melted some in a steel bowl on the stove on low heat. I dropped 2 eggs into the blender and turned it on. After the eggs were beaten a moment, I began to pour a thin stream of the warm coconut oil into the blender. I continued until the mayo on top suddenly froze, unaffected by the propeller, whereupon I stopped pouring and my coconut mayo was done.

It was good!

Not All Better

Last night (the next night) I was still off: I had a little cream, a lot of peanuts and some rhubarb. Wow, what a treat!

But then I was 194. I took a shot. Almost 2 units.

In the morning, I still didn't feel good. I haven't been 100% since my trip with the scouts a week and a half ago. That's about the time I quit taking any supplements and I'm wondering if I'm missing those despite my (albeit feeble) efforts to eat super and not need supplements.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bad Day

Today for some reason I was really hungry and weak all morning going to and being at church. I did not eat, but that is not unusual for Sunday. In fact, it is normal - since I am so physical the rest of the week, it only makes sense to me to go to church fasting since I'm not hungry and won't be doing much. But today I was hungry.

So when I got home, I had a peeeeeerrrrrfect meal. But then Sharon cooked chicken too. And then the cream was sitting there.......

I ate too much. I was 249. For the first time in 12 years, I was just sick of running just because of my sugar. I went to sleep. I woke up and tested again: 260. I didn't want to at all, but I went around the bridge loop on foot again. But this time, I walked most of the way. I didn't feel well in general and also had a heartburn/hiccup/squid effect thing going on with my tubes.

So this isn't a blog about how easy it is to get over diabetes easy in one year. It's a blog about how I'm going to be and how I'm doing so far and how I still believe they are wrong when they say "incurable! here's some meds."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

No Title - That limits the imagination too much on this one

I feel happy, man.

I feel very very happy.

And my fingernails are like two by fours, man. Two by fours.

Because I been eating collards man, eating collards and drinking collard juice, dude.

My finger nails feel like two by fours in my fingers.

Dig it.
I don't think I mentioned this but I am not certain. If not, it's amazing because I observed this very key phenomenon way back in 1986.

Your interest in, cravings for or temptation to eat junk food is inversely proportional to your current fitness.

When I am busy and schedule challenged I get into the mood for candy and what not. When I am in shape to compete in a 5k race, I have no desire for such things.

And I don't sit and sit and eat big meals.

Purely out of want - no concious effort required.

So while exercise will burn carbs and calories and lower cholesterol and improve your general health and metabolism, the single biggest benefit it gives you in losing weight or reversing Syndrome X is the thing it does to your appetite. It replaces your appetite for junk food with an appetite for lite.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time for Revival Already

Yeah, I haven't been too careful and haven't been feeling good the last several nights. Tonight I was feeling seriously out of range so I tested and it was 352. I was going to go for a jog anyway, now I was going for sure. I ran over the Boston Bridge and down to the 15th St Bridge and across and when I got to the Christy Park Plant, I walked the rest of the way home because I could feel my right knee had had enough. Got back and my sugar was 192. That was good because the way I felt, I was doubtful exercise would even help but it did so I guess I'm not totally shot like when I went onto insulin.

Walking from where the dirt road dips under the rail bridge and turns to asphalt again, the nearly full moon shone down on me and my road and lit up the over-reaching bush branches in a way that made me glad my sugar had been high and had driven me out to see this. It was so beautiful and peaceful, it made me completely happy.