Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Blog Rule

Probably it is good to find your subject and your tribe and not mix in anything else to one given blog.

For instance, you should not do like I do: turn off religious readers with extreme ideas about food and extreme food freaks with religious material. Then you are left with two great veins of material and zero readers. Best to keep them separate.

But I don't; at least so far. Because the two are me.

The Gift of Timelessness

I have a message to every person I know. It is what I taught to my children this evening. As you get older (those of you who are still under the age of 20), you will find that time passes slowly at first, then it picks up and goes faster, and faster, and faster, and then faster than you were even able to imagine when you noticed it was accelerating. It will do this whether you are having fun or not.

If you base your happiness in what you enjoyed for breakfast and what movie you will enjoy this evening, and your favorite song, you will experience anxiety in having to wait for many of the things you are trying to obtain in life as you go up the hill to middle age (at first, because time moves slowly; later, because it's going by quick and you are falling behind schedule). Then when you hump and descend, you will feel regret and sadness as you begin to notice wrinkles forming on your body, your hair turning gray and kinky or disappearing, your knees stiffening up, etc. You will feel an emptiness and wonder what it's all for as death approaches.

Your joy will be Time-Dependent.

If on the other hand, you pray, study the Book of Mormon and the scriptures and love and serve other people, the Lord will give unto you His Spirit which will cause joy in your spirit and health in your body.

And a special gift: The Gift of Timelessness.

You will continue through life with the sensation that it doesn't matter when. Or even where. Maybe not even who. Only what. It will only matter to you what you did, what your spirit has. You will not be sad to think of your 6th birthday party and your high school prom being so many years ago. You will not be sad about your favorite things from the good old days changing or disappearing. It won't even bother you too much that the government and society are going to pot - as long as you are doing your best to help slow or prevent it. You will not be sad about the past going fast into the distance nor will you look to the near, intermediate or far future with anything but anticipation and enthusiasm. You will see your entire life, not as something past and gone (so what does it matter what really happened) but as something tangible - where your 6th birthday party is as real and near as the present, and where death is just one more thing in your bright future. It will not bother you that there are people younger than you. When loved ones pass on, you will not be sad.

Your joy will be in the good things that happen - independent of when they happen. This joy in its absolute form is only available through the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And just so that you know I am not kidding, I tell you these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

Here's a caveat: I know I am a prophet only in the sense that I have received a testimony of Jesus through the Holy Ghost and that I am not your leader. It is possible that the Gift of Timelessness I describe above is one of the specific spiritual gifts given to some and not to others. I really do not know. It is possible you will never realize what I am saying. But I do know that I have this gift. I do think it is available to everyone. If not, I know whatever your gift, it will be as sweet to you as mine is to me.

Therefore, I share a verse or two from 2 Nephi that strike me as possibly the very best invitation to the gospel:

Come, my brethren, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters; and he that hath no money, come buy and eat; yea, come buy wine and milk without money and without price. Wherefore, do not spend money for that which is of no worth, nor your labor for that which cannot satisfy. Hearken diligently unto me, and remember the words which I have spoken; and come unto the Holy One of Israel, and feast upon that which perisheth not, neither can be corrupted, and let your soul delight in fatness.

To every person I know, I say this is real.

Potato Skins

Yesterday, I had raw homemade cheese, raw fresh ginger, a spiny cucumber straight from my garden, and a nice big plate of raw potato peelings my wife had saved me in the fridge with no covering.

I had some potato peelings left over which I dried in my food dehydrator to make potato skins. I did not add anything to them. They sure are good.

By the way, the last few nights, I have not checked my sugar or used insulin, but I can tell you for certain I let my sugar go too high. How high, I do not know, but definately way too high. Got a little frisky about what I ate. Ate some homemade bread and drank a quart of cream straight down a time or three. At least it was raw and pure.

Other than that, I have been still feeling really really great and not been sugary. Feet have been good. Energy up. Still not starving or hungry at all.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another One for the You Ain't Lived Dept.

Thin slice of fresh rutabaga.

Spread on natural peanut butter or coconut oil or....

Sprinkle "seed" over the top and dump off excess that does not stick.

Go over and sit in favorite chair and enjoy.

Walk back to counter and repeat.

This is a good one to try on the day you first go off of bread.

Now here is what is meant by "seed:"

Take equal parts of hulled (butt naked but not "pearled") spelt, millet and barley that are not too aged, but maybe go a little light on the barley. Soak in water for 1-2 hours and drain. Rinse and drain thoroughly at least 3 times per day until all 3 naked grains are sprouted substantially; however, do not continue until they start to sour. Curtail sprouting while they are still sweet. This will probably only work for naked grains if the temperature is continuously between 70 degrees F and 110 degrees F, with the temperature reaching at least 80 degrees F for most of the daytime hours. The warmer, the better the sprout. If it sours, you can still try rinsing it very well and proceeding and see if the taste is acceptable to you; otherwise, you will have to start over and not let it go as long. But do not throw away sour or mouldy sprouts: find a place to plant them and then use the grass that results. I planted a 2' x 20' row of mouldy wheat this Spring that kept me in wheat grass juice almost every day for about 2 months. Anyway, once you are done sprouting, set the product out in the sun for just a couple of hours on some sort of clean cloth and spread them evenly, long enough to dry them externally. You can leave them out longer and no harm is done, it's just that the longer they are left out, the more chlorophyll they'll develop (good thing), but the harder they will get. The drier they are, the better they'll keep, but you may want to hydrolyze them a bit just before consumption in that case. If you do not put them out to dry in the sun, they will soon sour before you can eat them all, unless you made an idiotically small amount. You need to make at least 2 quarts at a time to give the berries a chance to be buried under other berries and thus sprout more readily. Then, each time you rinse, they will get all stirred around and rotated for uniform sprouting. I always do mine in a Rubbermaid dish-washing pan. I find it very conducive to sprouting and very easy to drain out of one corner if I distort the pan into a narrow pitcher spout at one corner and use the help of a sprouting screen after I pour off most of the water. The newer dish pans are more flexible than the old style was.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Here's One

It takes a woman or a tough man to grow old; that's why I try to stay young.

One Comment

I do my best work when I've been up all night or generally just feel like crap.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just When You're Feeling Strong

Just when you are feeling strong,
You've had a lifetime of goodbyes,
and you are used to it.....
Besides, you have plenty of friends,
You have the Comforter,
You love the road, ever passing places and people......
Just when you think you have gained all the beautiful people you need as friends,
Some more come along to prove to you there is no end of snowflakes,
and you just can't help feeling the pull as the weight of sadness swings below you,
knowing they will go somewhere....
as if they were that important to you,
like the friends you always had
bye bye

It boogles the mind to think that there are even more of them out there somewhere - people that you have no indication that they exist, that if you did know them, you wouldn't be able to live without them. On the other hand, people who think they cannot live without beer do not realize that had they never tasted it in the first place they would be able to enjoy life fine since beer would be only one of an infinite number of things out in the universe that they had not tried and are currently living without. So if beer is not important, the people must not be. Right? Hmmm. Maybe there's more to it.

If the weight of sadness swings below you (it's tied to your ankles and weighs about 150 lb, and you are hanging onto a bar up in the air), you know you're living. Some cultures value all emotion equally, sad and happy. To them, it is the intensity that is valuable, happy or sad. This can be better understood when you consider the passing of a loved one: the real sadness would be if it didn't hurt because you didn't really care. They refer to material property and temporal emergencies both as Sorrow because the maintenance of each taxes your attention to things that matter.

I like to think of everyone I have ever considered a friend or someone I admire, as a cult. Once in, you can't get out. And whoever has the most friends, or the most that they have been a friend to, when they die - wins. You cannot get out of the cult simply by moving away and not having any contact for 5, 25 or 100 years, or by offending me. I will still remember you from time to time and pray for you, the way (almost the way?) my mother did for me. And I hope and like to think that if and when you ever surface again that I will do all I can to give you some good stuff.

Now ain't that Special? I guess so.

Beautiful Day

Today is green and fresh and bright. My neighborhood looked and felt the way my neighjborhood in 1964 did, before it decayed into something a little rougher. Jim and Rosie's place down on the corner especially contributes to this ambiance.

I had a breakfast to go with all that - so good that I could not pass up posting about it.

I made juice from carrots, ginger, a pile of wheat grass with wheat on the top and broccoli. Then I went upstairs and had some raw pumkin seeds and fresh romaine. Romaine is high in chromium, you know - so much so, I may not even need the yeast I have been buying. Then I walked down the road slowly in the sun, eating a chunk of cucumber Emma had been gnawing on. It tasted so good, I had to stop and comment to the yard sale patrons and clerk, "I was just thinking, why do people drink beer when they could be eating a cucumber?? Mmmm Mm! It's so good!"

Anyway, that's all I had, and let me tell you, I have never had anything hit the spot so well. It seemed to me that the goodness and strength that flowed into my body from that felt to my body the way my baptism felt to my spirit when I was young.

So as you may have noticed, it has been quite a while since I have used (needed) insulin or test strips. Yay!

Monday, June 8, 2009

How Much Romaine for Chromium DV?

I heard from the X Syndrome people you shouldn't OD on Iron or Copper, that you should avoid supplements containing these things if you eat the way I do, which gets you plenty of iron and copper.

My multi's and my yeasts have tons of iron and copper.

So I wondered how to get plenty of chromium without them.
I estimated from a couple of websites that 1/2 oz of lettuce = 1 Cup = 2/3 to 1 leaf, and that 2 Cups gets you about 15% of a daily value. So conservatively figure 2 leaves gets you 15%, you'd get 100% on a dozen leaves or less. That sounds about the amount I have been hungry for in one day. But not every day.

I'm going out to plant some Romaine, people.

Get this: tomatoes and onions are also good sources of chromium. I already have a lot of those planted and growing. Also, whole grains are a source; I eat those sprouted and raw, no bread - so I'm pretty good there.

I also read that Vitamin C helps you absorb Chromium. There's plenty of C in the romaine and other stuff I eat like that. Oh, and brazil nuts and the grains are big sources of Selenium, especially the nuts - almost to the point of toxicity.

See? Any right food philosophy always boils down to my dad's method: Just follow your appetite through the aisles of plain, whole foods.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Our family has revived our practice (well, we are trying) of daily family scripture study. I start out reading a verse and we go around the room, each reading a verse. I make it through one or two cycles and next thing I know, they are waking me up for supper or whatever. Sharon referenced this today with the comment that it must be boring to me. I explained no, it is interesting to me - interesting to the point of contentment!