Thursday, June 24, 2010

Freeze your Millet?

I had a batch of organic millet that was moth-wormy from the start. The man from whom I bought it suggested freezing it but I was reluctant, fearing it would kill the millet so it would not sprout. I sifted the worms and webbing out 3 or 4 times before it got so bad, I went ahead and put it all into our meat freezer (much colder than normal freezer) for about a week.

Guess what, it still sprouts as good as ever!

Now, what about the eggs? We shall see.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Similar Reactions to SS I & II

When Social Security was first forced upon self-responsible Americans, they said, "Life's too short to get too balled up over this," and they found a way to pay its tax and also a way to stay independent without it in retirement, knowing they would be paying more into it than getting out later.

Social Security II (the new healthcare) is now being forced upon many unwilling citizens. Such self-responsible folk are now doing a very similar thing our parents did with SS I. We are looking for ways to get by in spite of the new tax that will be levied and at the same time scheming about how to avoid ever needing a doctor again.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Design Class

My writings may make immediate sense to you, or sound like the grown-up voices depicted in a Peanuts cartoon, depending on how you were raised.

If, the latter, I will say to you what the 2 architects told our design class after the first few days of listening to their "walk about" lecturing. Someone raised their hand and said they couldn't understand a word they had said thus far, and the entire class echoed the sentiment. The professors said not to worry, after listening to their language a couple of weeks, we would begin to get it. We did.

New Goal

It does no good to try to get off insulin shots. You have to let that be a by-product, a bonus. It is better to take that one little shot if you need it than to try to get by with your sugar a little high, or running yourself ragged exercising it off. Use what you need until you no longer need it.

That said, I have a new goal: No more shots of more than x units. I know what my personal x is. Yours may be different. x is that amount that we need, whereas 3x to 5x is the amount we take after splurging or just over-eating the slightest amount.

Even when 5x is adequate to control our sugar, the effects of over-eating and shooting excess insulin into our bodies are devastating and immediately debilitating. It is impossible to feel super (or in my opinion good at all) after over-eating, sugar level regardless. Diabetic regardless.

Based on the first paragraph, my goal is indirect. I am actually striving not to overeat or eat things not of value, so that x units or less or none are adequate.

It's actually not new. This is what I have been trying to shoot for since before I started this blog, but I am writing it down and reviving it. Somehow, when you don't get a lot of reminding, you tend to adjust your insulin dose to allow your environment to control your intake, rather than your true appetite.

Then again, my goal has actually been less specific: to be perfect. I never (or at least not lately) actually focused on limiting all shots to x units as a primary goal.

Thoughts on Winning

In every great undertaking there is inspiration and utter despondency. Both can immobilize. Inspired, overconfidence and inaction are prone. Despondency is almost certain immobilization.

Success is doing despondent, soberly acting when inspired.

Getting your healthy lifestyle together depends on what you do in those moments that you feel powerless or falsely secure.

At the end of the day and at the end of your life, happiness and peace will depend on whether you acted. What resulted from your actions will be secondary.