Friday, June 19, 2015

Slacker Blog

I just looked at some numbers here on blogspot and noticed that if I understand it correctly, people have actually been reading this. I never expected anyone to actually read it other than my mother-in-law and a few such folk, so I am a little surprised. Well, I apologize that I haven't read any comments yet, and I just hope that it helps somebody in some way. I know it has helped me.

One That Worked for the Kids

I wasn't even thinking of fixing dinner for them today but when it got down to it I had to go shopping and think of something to feed them and hopefully make it something I could eat also. So I was just doing it impromptu you know, and as I shopped and flitted about fixing it, I was kind of thinking fried chicken and potato salad but I wasn't looking forward to eating mayo myself, and the chicken at the store was kind of messy, so I ended up bringing home two nice sized pork chops and...... I foiled the chops and set them on the grill inside the oven at 400 till I could smell them starting to burn. I washed 3 potatoes really well and cut them in big chunks and boiled them with an onion I cut up well. Then I saved the water off of that to drink hot myself, which is something my dad always used to do with any and every boiled or steamed vegetable water, which always grossed me out but now that I have turned into him, I crave the stuff with my dinner. So I also boiled two eggs (I think one would be sufficient), diced and threw them and a little better than half a stick of butter and a bunch of salt into the potato thing while it was nice and hot and mashed it around. Kept the peelings on the potatoes, of course, just like mom always did. But the wife never does. But she was away at work. The chops had browned perfectly on one side and weren't the usual pan-fried chops that come out dry and/or raw. I cut em all up and altogether, it was perfect in amount for us. I had lettuce and cucumber on the side. The kids loved it if you can imagine that. Even the one kid ate some.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Better Pizza

Iron Grill on stove top. Roast (fry in butter but not that hot) grollet (that has already been steamed, of course). Cheese on top. I do the above regularly. I just fed some to my kid who won't eat anything but cheese sandwiches. It occurred to me it could be extended by adding tomatoes or tomato whatever and any other toppings.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I had two nights in a row on which my dinner particularly hit the spot, so here they are: Light red kidney beans (cooked), rice, fresh tomato, fresh cucumber. I also threw in some fresh cilantro that wasn't totally fresh, that I could have done without. And normally, I would have included onion and perhaps red pepper and/or ginger, and maybe even some mayo or something, but I was in a mood for bland. Sometimes, I just like to have a bowl of kidney beans and nothing else. Next night, some cold leftover grass-fed steak with rice and cabbage. Nothing else, not even salt. I felt so satisfied, I was inspired to write this little slogan: Hungry? Tired of being hungry after your calorie count? Try real food.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Still Carrots

I'm not sure whether I posted it here, but in 2009, I began generally eating carrots for breakfast, usually with sunflower seeds. I do it a lot now too. I do sunflower seeds with it, or peanut butter, and whatever else I feel like. Then I will eat a carrot other times too. I generally end up eating at least 2 or 3 carrots every day. I use carrots about the same way a normal person uses bread. As always, this has no premeditated basis, only one of appetite.

Here's a Sandwich I Found to be Really Good

...And I didn't even have any ginger to add. Bread with sunflower and caraway seeds all raw: miso mayo sliced broccoli stalk onion tomato black and red pepper iceberg lettuce And of course, you gotta have milk.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

This blog aint dead yet

The basic message of this blog is very important. Sometimes, I get busy with other stuff and get lax about what I eat and the next thing you know, I start to get Type II and my sugar goes up and takes a couple of days to come down again, regardless of how much insulin I use. This has been happening about once a year or so. Then I get back to the truths I have laid out on this blog and I am ok again. It is important and easy to avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup, and in general, food that is not fresh. Get away from the nitrates and the cans and the bags and boxes. Yesterday, having a can of sloppy joe mix in the house that a visitor had left behind, I decided to use it up, so I bought hamburger (we are fresh out of our grass-fed burger), and started roasting fresh onion and pepper to add as well, then I noticed the can was tainted with HFCS, so I threw it away and opened a can of simple tomato sauce, added it and the onions and peppers, and then threw in my own extra spices, such as more garlic and salt, and ginger, and half a dash of red pepper. Boy oh boy was that good! And get this - it actually tasted like a sloppy joe should! And that without even including any kind of sweetner! Except for the cheap buns I used because my bread shop was closed - they had HFCS in them. Oh well. By the way - DEATH TO THE "INSURANCE" INDUSTRY AS WE KNOW IT, WHICH WANTS TO INSURE EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE, AND PROVIDE ASSISTANCE FOR REGULAR EXPENSES IN ADDITION TO CATASTROPHIC ONES, AND CONTRIBUTES TO THE WAY PEOPLE ARE BECOMING IN THAT THEY JUST MAKE MONEY AND MAKE MONTHLY PAYMENTS AND NEVER MIND AB0UT RESPONSIBILITY OR PLANNING. DEATH TO THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY AS WE KNOW IT, WHICH HAS US THROWING EVERYTHING AWAY AT FREQUENT INTERVALS AND BUYING A NEW ONE. WE ARE ALREADY UP TO OUR EARS IN UNREPAIRABLE JUNK, IT IS NOT THE BEST ECONOMICS FOR THE CONSUMER, AND IT DEPRESSES THE SOUL BECAUSE IT IS ANTI-QUALITY AND HAS AN EFFECT ON THE S0UL OPP0SITE THAT WHICH GREAT ART BRINGS, FOR EXAMPLE. DEATH TO THE CORPORATE FARMING AND FOOD INDUSTRY AS WE KNOW IT, WHICH HAS BEEN RAPING THE PUBLIC HEALTH FOR OVER 100 YEARS AND THE HEARTLAND SOIL AS WELL. DEATH TO GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN BRINGING AB0UT THE DEATHS DESCRIBED ABOVE AND OTHERS LIKE THEM. ONLY THE PEOPLE, UN-AIDED, CAN DO IT. And if only one more person joins us, it will improve the situation just that much. One more person to realize that their life won't change before they do, nor will this country.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Recently, I have had a few extraordinarily delicious innovations for supper or breakfast but I was busy or lazy and didn't record them. I don't even remember anything about their makeup. So what's the point of even mentioning it? Well, just to let you know I'm still at it and loving it, I guess. But here's the one I came up with tonight: a quick 'cream of mushroom' sort of soup. I toasted grollet and roasted mushrooms (dry) on an iron griddle that I place over two gas burners on our range top. I heated milk to hot in a cereal bowl in the microwave, then dumped the roasted and toasted items into the hot milk. I also cut mozarella cheese bits into the hot milk to melt, which was really something with the crunchy grollet. That's it. Oh, I should mention that my grollet has evolved a little. It has lately contained the usual barley, spelt, millet, amaranth, but now also wheat, sunflower seeds, flax seed, sesame seed, and another grain similar to spelt that I forget the name of: it has a beautiful bright (and light) orangish brown color. Toasted grollet, especially if it contains a large percentage of amaranth, is very good for things traditionally done with bread, such as bread and milk or milk toast, grilled cheese, peanut butter and honey, etc. You can't use it to make a sandwich in sandwich form, but you can use all the same ingredients and flavors, just do it in a bowl!