Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Doing Better Already

2 units Humalog, Perfect lunch consisting of half a fresh tomato, baked yam, ginger, ryse, baked chicken, sunflower seeds, followed by me carrying my big office chair down the steps from my office, across the engineering room, out the door outside, down the stairs to the front of the building, and back (for exercise, and me explaining myself to no one), and 20 min. later, my sugar is 100. I have found some of the best exercise is to chop wood, especially if the axis or direction of fibers of the wood is vertical, such as a standing tree trunk. Similarly, and perhaps even better, carrying a fairly heavy object out in front of you with arms extended and walking somewhere with it, lifting it and putting it down here and there and so on. Anything that makes you really exert with your core does this. Big office chairs are good because you can face them and lift them by their arms. But I do not wish to leave the impression that my office chair has arm rests. I always remove them first thing when I get a new chair. Nor do I wish to leave the impression that the route I described was far. It was quite short and just enough to get me breathing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Specific Goals

Back on the wagon, I have specific targets. They are never to eat in a meal more than 4 units will allow and to stay under 150 at all times. I have started going barefoot as much as possible. I spent a couple of days already, so I am over the nerve wracking pick your way and try to keep your balance phase. It is really feeling great. I spent most of my Summer months until the age of 29 going barefoot 96.5% of the time. I even went to Summer semester classes such at the University of Utah. I believe one cannot be fully healthy without going barefoot enough that it feels great to do so. I am also starting to exercise a little bit for the first time since December, after being so busy getting started in a new job. Which is also why I have been careless with my sugar control. Just a little careless - generally good control except letting it spike once a day for a short time, and often eating too much. Today was near perfect sugar-wise. My feet can really tell the difference - especially when I am barefoot. By the way, I also got a new glucometer. It only cost $15 and $11 for 50 strips. It is the Prodigy Pocket. I really like having it and look forward to less expense-inhibited testing when I need it. I will test one of every batch of strips I get against my LifeScan OneTouch Ultra, which I have had 15 years and is still extremely accurate. My first batch of Prodigy strips are consistently reading about 23 points higher than actual, according to the very reliable biological meter I have inside which is backed up by the very reliable Ultra.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What I Had for Breakfast

This was very good. All cold: Ryse, sweet corn out of the can, light red kidney (my favorite) beans out of the can, cayenne pepper sprinkled on top. I also want to say although I have believed in everything I have said here all through it, the business and changes in my life sort of had me in a fog about it, and I have for the past 1-2 years pretty much overeating every day, focusing on sugar level control with regard to how much I ate, and not focusing on avoiding overeating in and of itself. But last night and from time to time, I remember again and eat only enough and wow, the power and youthful energy in which it results! I am certain that it non-linearly produces far less free radicals when we eat just enough. This is why it has been found that people live much longer who eat less even than the normal accepted amount. I gotta get back up and be that eat-quittin' machine again! And of course, if you read back in old posts, there is a long list of maladies I had that just disappeared when I first stopped overeating. Things like dandruff, acne, joint inflammation, asthma, ..... I might as well mention also that I intend to try the following tuna spread: tuna, chopped pickles, avocado. I will let you know how well it works. I think I will throw some iceberg into the mix as well. And possibly ginger, but mainly, I think the dill pickle will work for this.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bought a cucumber yesterday, thinking it was zucchini. When I had my pan going and realized it was a cuuk, I saved it with the diced fresh tomatoes to throw on top after cooking was done. I peeled and sliced it and did so. I never peel my cuuks but I was trying to make this kid-friendly. I used a pat of butter and 3 pats of coconut oil and fried up a good portion of sliced fresh rutabaga, then added onions, red, yellow and orange sweet peppers, boiled whole wheat egg noodles, a grated carrot, 3 stalks of celery sliced up, romaine, the cuuk and tomato, and a good bit of salt. Fried up about a lb of ground turkey and got it brown, then threw it all together. I would normally have added more to the mix but was trying to make it kid-friendly. I intended to throw grated mozzarella on top but as usual I forgot. That rutabaga is real sweet and chinese-food-teki in there; better than I expected. It tasted super even without any ginger. But today, eating it cold for lunch, I had some ginger on the side. It really was good, although I still have a little problem with the slightly obnoxious and dead-ish flavor of whole-wheat pasta. But it's only slight. The net effect was superb. The vegetables were out of this world the way they smelled cooking up, and the sweet peppers were extra wonderful-smelling before they started to cook. Often, the vegetables I COOK are a little toward the rotten end. Not this time!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ahead of the Game

Just imagine what it would do to have apples, carrot juice, raw sunflower seeds (maybe even sprouted), brewer's yeast and maybe a little ryse as a typical breakfast in your life, in place of cold cereal & cooked milk, or some kind of bagel or bread thing and maybe coffee...... Knowing that the vitamins they throw into a box of Total are no more soluable and free-radical-free than a bottle of Centrum, just read the label on a can of nutritional brewer's yeast and imagine the difference. Or if you don't have much imagination, ask yourself, hmm, would I like to look and feel like the average 26-year-old, or the average 60-year-old, when I am 30-50 years old? You decide. And remember, in my opinion, it's a lot more about nourishing your body, providing it with the things it needs daily, than about avoiding cancer and the harmful substances. More about provision, less about abstinence.