Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Slake It Kid

One of the things I enjoy about little kids is the way they drink big a small amount: They ask for milk and you pour them the standard 3/4 inch. They stick their face into the cup and gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, groan, gulp, gasp, gulp, kazoo, gulp, kazoo, gulp, and a big sigh of satisfaction. It sounded like they drank a litre, but it was a 1/4 cup at the most.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


What I had for breakfast: raw milk, raw sprouted millet, raw sprouted spelt, raw sprouted barley, raw cranberries, raw hazel nuts, raw broccoli sprouts, "raw" rolled oats, chocolate, vitamins and supplements. I don't know whether chocolate is raw.

This is typical of my diet lately, except that it also still includes juice. I am eating all sorts of meat, in small amounts, but my main protein staples are millet and wheatgrass. And I still eat a lot of cheese; I only wish it was raw (tastes so much better).

It is colder now. Yet I am eating the way I did in summer. I conclude that my regression was not directly due to the onset of Winter, that I could have remained insulin-independent had I stuck to my guns. I became lax in what I ate and how much when. I do not feel it is critical that I strictly eat raw. I am certain mostly raw is key. I am also certain I will never become permanently insulin-independent until I finally learn to NEVER eat a large or long meal, and never miss a small, nutri-packed one to make that possible.

Small meals, people. Nutri-packed ones.

I am not there yet; last night was a case in point.

Generally though, I am down to 2-4 units of insulin per meal, so here we come.

Monday, December 7, 2009

...and Speaking of Enjoyable

Today's breakfast was a significant discovery of flavor:

Frosted, dark dark green collards from the garden with yellow yeast. wow. Followed by a nice organic carrot. Hit thee spot.

This past year, I have regularly enjoyed and hungered for brown yeast on romaine. Had no idea about yellow yeast on collards.

Food is Fuel, Not Entertainment

This statement is incomplete.

The main premise of my blog is that simple, whole foods are far more enjoyable.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

See Blog Title for Post Title

Bowl of milk and grain and whole frozen cranberries with hazel nuts crackin' on the side.

Grain: one part barley, twice that of spelt and twice all of that of millet, soaked in water about an hour and then left to sprout however long (but refridgerated after the first day) it takes to eat the stuff gone.

I will also mention the wow of cranberries in the juice with and without (2 very different and very wonderful effects) apple. But you have to play around with the amounts and get it right, or it's just pretty good. Which doesn't qualify for the "you ain't lived" category.

The breakfast in the first paragraph did qualify. In fact, it hit the spot.