Thursday, November 25, 2010

Latest Dish

Don't waste your money on Kashi when you can enjoy cheap yet superior flavor:

Roughly equal parts spelt, barley, millet and amaranth. Soak and sprout to some degree the spelt and the barley. Soak and let come alive to a lesser degree, the millet and amaranth, such that freshness and bright yellow color are not lost. This can be soaking the former 2 only an hour and the latter not at all. Now steam them in the rice cooker.

Serve with fresh, sliced cranberries and milk.

Don't forget to forsake the sugar, which ruins it. And ruins you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Positive and Negative

There is the positive aspect of eating wherein one is concerned about obtaining quality essential nutrients, and the negative wherein the concern is about abstaining from harmful substances.

The latter tends to be talked and worried about more than the former. The former is of greater importance than the latter, yet too little attention to the latter can prevent attention to or appetite for the former.