Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Current Insulin

I have been eating a lot since it got cold and using a lot of insulin - like 6 units per meal, 4 meals per day. Give or take.

The last couple of days, my feet have felt like two rotten tomatoes with bone structures inside.

All yesterday, working outside, my whole body was just buzzing and burning - I can't describe the sugar feeling. It is hard to tell the sugar feeling sometimes, from the insulin feeling. I finally went in and checked my sugar. It was 89. So it was the too much insulin feeling.

My sugar was 89 and I had shoes on, yet I was walking like I was barefoot on gravel on the pavement.

I have been breaking all my rules, such as eating late and eating whatever. In fact, one day I had store bread and butter, and I followed that with a dozen chocolate chip cookies.

But last night, I finally did it right: after a bowl and a half of my killer soup at about 6:00 pm, I napped and relaxed and after I got up, ate no more (the soup had been sooooo good and so satisfying). Man, I was doing burpees and wrestling the dog and doing tricks without exhaustion, weakness, tentative joints, and my feet felt better already! Equal to my discouragement that I may not be able to do this after all (in the Winter at least) and the seeming impossibility of it, was my astonishment at my energy and ability to crouch in a wrestling stance without my knees complaining, and go hopping after the dog with my fingers reaching the floor! -All without getting out of breath!

I'm sure the flu and the cold that immediately followed had something to do with this down time too.

Sometimes in my life I have really felt the importance of plenty of sleep. I must do all I can to get plenty of sleep, I am realizing again.