Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exercise Anyway

I need to stress the importance of exercize for the sake of circulation, regardless of sugar level concerns, when using insulin. (Boy, sounding like a doctor!)

This is based on the feelings I have had in my feet and lower legs over the years, from which, the conclusion I reached:

Even if you ate the right amount of food and took the right amount of insulin, you need to get up, get out and move around a little to increase circulation in your legs (if you increase it adequately in your legs, that automatically increases it adequately every where else) so that you mix it up into the rest of your blood early on. You don't want hot spots, where the insulin is higher and possibly doing insulin damage, or cold spots, where your sugar is too high and doing that kind of damage.

As always, do all the things to minimize the amount of insulin you require and you will be far better off and live a lot longer - maybe never even have to lose a foot or an organ.

I try to do something to at least get winded and slightly exhausted asap after I eat, even if it only takes a minute.

This fits my lifestyle pretty well because I can do it without even really sweating - thanks to my personal physiology. If you sweat more than me, look at it this way: What's so bad about sweating? Shower every day, go out to work and play. I try never to allow the thought of wanting to stay fresh limit my physical activity, even if I am all dressed up and going somewhere formal. I try to always think of myself as a real, active person and that sweating is a normal condition and air conditioning is not.

I allow that if I was a profuse sweater, I would still feel the same. I have already proved my attitude, having happily worked two complete summers in a shirt and tie outside all day in the humidity capitol of the world (as far as I know). The only time of day that my entire soaked shirt was not dripping with sweat was just before I put it on after the futile exercise of toweling off after my bath in the morning.