Tuesday, September 7, 2010


War is wrong. Those who incite it or attack are murderous. It begins with a passionate greed or a passionate ideal in which a man feels strongly right. For example, a man may feel it his duty to shut down a movement to make health insurance mandatory in the USA or a movement to install an identification and tracking chip into everyone's skin. If he rants and contends, allows his paranoia to fuel his indignation, it will lead to said passion and murder. Therefore, caustic political talk is one root of the murders commited by those sometimes referred to as 'War Pigs.' The thing for a citizen faced with such alarming movements to do is to be the kindest, humblest, productive and constructive citizen he can be while offering only kind and civil yet unyielding in his ideals speech to all others. Taking care of #1 is still the best medicine. The more each of us follow this tack, the more unworthy legislation will be choked out and put down by the Lord. It will encourage good people to rally and remain firm and concerned. On the other hand, if he is wrongly captive, the citizen will petition the Lord for his release and be blessed, if his eye is single, to escape. Such escape may at times involve the shedding of blood if it is for the greater salvation of souls, but it never need arouse the caustic feelings in the heart of the escapee that lead to war as we usually know it. Sometimes, said captivity can be prevented by similar bloodshed as directed by God. See also, Alma 24:18, "rather than take away from a brother they would give unto him; and rather than spend their days in idleness they would labor abundantly with their hands." We are all brothers and sisters deliberately set here on one earth which our Father created for us as a sufficient space with sufficient resources for us to get along with each other. Therefore, just because our fathers occupied a spot thereon and established a regulation does not mean we cannot share and accomodate an immigrant. We should be reasonable about whether our blessings to the immigrant comply with local legislation, with the light to lead our judgement being the thought to give and to bless someone worse off than ourself. Bleeding heart? Yes. Are there any hearts in Heaven that do not bleed? No. Should we be taken advantage of by evil men? No, that is why I said 'judgement.' I am familiar that frequently we seem helpless to let judgement prevail when the guilty are rewarded and the innocent punished by policy. Sometimes, but less often by judgement as well. Not an easy job. Ultimately, I believe less policy will be the solution.