Monday, April 9, 2012

Found Green Chilis !

Still no green chilis in sight near Pittsburgh, but I did find a bottled concoction that contained some that really worked! Frontera All-Natural Guacamole Mix, a guacamole mix to which you just add avacado. Very very good. Only thing advertising green chilis in the Pittsburgh area that I have tried that tasted good or in which I could taste green chilis at all. That includes Chi Chi's and every other brand of bottled or canned green chilis.

The best green chili thing I ever tasted was a 7-11 frozen burrito. They were about 15 in. long and came in a green plastic wrapper and cost about $1.29. Or was it under a dollar? This was in the 70s of course. They don't sell 'em now. Not here.

Lynn Wilson's green chili burritos were also great.

I'm not advocating frozen junk food here, I'm just sayin' I have only found genuine green chili cookin' in a few certain places. None here.

By the way, how many of you have tried fresh ginger root on your hamburger or hoagie yet? I'm just sittin' hjere waitin' for America to discover ginger. Right now, they think of ginger bread when you suggest ginger. That's like thinking of a strange cult when you say 'Mormon,' or Love Canal, NY when you say 'Garden of Eden.'

Yes, I meant to include the 'j.'