Friday, March 29, 2013

My last 3 meals were extra enjoyable and were worthy of record: My last lunch was cold baked acorn squash, seeds and peeling included of course, which should go without saying, and a slice of uncured turkey lunch meat, doused in real cream (raw of course). It was sooo good, but guess what, I did not have seconds! I felt like I had had enough. More and more, my sense of satisfaction is emerging and my habitual instinct of "hey that was super - let's cram as much in as we can until it tastes disgusting!" is diminishing. My last breakfast was Rome apple (all red inside), cold baked yam slices, raw sunflower seeds. Also had some brown yeast. Then yesterday, I had a typical omelette, eggs, kale, onions, fresh ginger, cold grollet, red pepper, black pepper, but what was different was I added little balls of cream cheese! Went well.