Friday, August 15, 2014

Last night and today, my recent experience of unprecedented independence from insulin (which had subsided) came back in yet another unprecedented manifestation. I mean, including the recent experience (I told about it on facebook, not here), I NEVER had anything like THIS. Last night, I ate a regular supper, not too strict, not too indulgent, but substantial. I don't know how many units of insulin I took but it was something like 3-6, but normally, I would have had a little extra after finishing. Not this time. This time, my sugar dropped to 55 when I was expecting it to go a little high. Didn't think too much about it but then this morning, instead of my minimum necessary 4 units for breakfasts, I decided to take only 2, in light of last night, and proceeded to eat another not-too-strict and substantial breakfast, after which my sugar again dropped like a rock. (normally, regardless of how little I eat for breakfast, sometimes even if I don't eat at all, I need a minimum of 4 units. Mornings are much more (injected) insulin-dependent than eveingings, for me) It was like any amount of injected insulin over the last 24 hours was too much - as if I were a normal person. And like I said on fb the other week, I haven't even been exercising at all, nor have I been eating strict, nor have I even been thinking about any of it, much less trying to cut back my insulin shots.