Saturday, March 12, 2016

So I had a good week getting the sugar back to I'd say close to normal, and had a good workout each morning (I was surprised at how rapidly my lungs conditioned, and I was able to run my entire 5k on Friday without slowing to a walk), but the one thing I had left to revive was the art of not overeating. I think I was rusty and sloppy on that count more than on being out of shape, and didn't really get the old hang of it back until today. I realized again that stopping a meal at the right time is really the core difference between after-meal spikes of 180 or less, and after-meal spikes of 250 or a lot more. I had gotten over-confident about my robustness and careless about the importance of this principle.

In fact, regardless of what my sugar level reads after a meal, if I have put too much in, I am uncomfortable with both an overloaded stomach and with all kinds of heat and fatigue going on throughout my body. I have observed over time, that even if in such a moment the sugar reads say 112, it's planning on climbing high once the insulin peak passes, or whatever else may be presently helping to maintain the level. So it boils down to this: If I feel like my sugar is or ought to be high, it essentially may as well be, regardless of what the meter says right now.

Keeping it short and dropping the old traditions of lingering, grazing and dessert is fundamental.