Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sandwich Truck with a Lift Kit

I was complaining how well cranberries stick to peanut butter so that when making a butter, peanut butter and cranberry (open face) sandwich, you can't very well move them around and arrange them after they land on there, without pulling up divots and leaving bare patches of bread.  I finished making one and tried to pick it up.  With a laugh, as often happens, it leapt from my hands onto a dirty floor, landing face down, of course.  Awwwww.  But wait - it was like huge glass tractor wheels keeping the whole thing perfectly clean, robustly intact, and up off the floor!  I could have played hockey with it!  All i had to do was pick it up and of course, nothing stuck to the frozen cranberries, and nothing stuck to the floor!

Mmmmmm, so good.