Monday, April 20, 2009


The scriptures by themselves amount to precious little. They are in some places cryptic or vague and in others very simple. But in all places they are a bare bones base for all that God desires to reveal to his individual children. Like a rectangle of welded I-beams intended for the build of a semi-trailer, without bed, box, undercarriage, brakes or wheels, they do little. Without His whisperings to accompany the reading of His printed word, the printed word is as useful as an electric appliance with its cord cut off.

That which I have just written asserts two very distinct things:
1 - To understand a scripture at all, one must receive that understanding through the Holy Ghost.
2 - The meaning and instruction of all known scripture represent a very small percentage of the meaning and instruction meant for the rich life that your Father intends for you.

The scriptures are as essential to your knowledge and salvation as the I-beams are to the trailer. And obeying the commandment to search and study them allows the rest to be added.

Imagine how little you must understand your own life if you have not even an I-beam!