Wednesday, December 23, 2009


What I had for breakfast: raw milk, raw sprouted millet, raw sprouted spelt, raw sprouted barley, raw cranberries, raw hazel nuts, raw broccoli sprouts, "raw" rolled oats, chocolate, vitamins and supplements. I don't know whether chocolate is raw.

This is typical of my diet lately, except that it also still includes juice. I am eating all sorts of meat, in small amounts, but my main protein staples are millet and wheatgrass. And I still eat a lot of cheese; I only wish it was raw (tastes so much better).

It is colder now. Yet I am eating the way I did in summer. I conclude that my regression was not directly due to the onset of Winter, that I could have remained insulin-independent had I stuck to my guns. I became lax in what I ate and how much when. I do not feel it is critical that I strictly eat raw. I am certain mostly raw is key. I am also certain I will never become permanently insulin-independent until I finally learn to NEVER eat a large or long meal, and never miss a small, nutri-packed one to make that possible.

Small meals, people. Nutri-packed ones.

I am not there yet; last night was a case in point.

Generally though, I am down to 2-4 units of insulin per meal, so here we come.