Friday, January 29, 2010

Monsanto Corp.

Never mind arguing the atrocities they committed in the name of legality, forsaking ethics. Never mind debating their right to step on honest people to "protect their patent."

Never mind that you cannot save your own seeds that have been contaminated by their unwanted yet protected intellectual property.

The original point here is, who gave them the right to change the DNA of our food, to change our planet without even asking???????

I always wondered why this was not an issue during the George W. administration. Then I watched the documentary, FOOD, INC. According to the film, appointed cheeses in the FDA and so forth were former Monsanto executives.

Note that while the prevalent claim is that genetically modified soy beans do not harm us, I regularly ate non-organic run-of-the-mill tofu and roasted beans and soy mayonnaise for years, right up through the contamination and take-over of GMO soy. When the take-over occurred, I suddenly found myself breaking out in hives that wouldn't quit until I switched to organic, non-GMO food. Call it anecdotal.

What gives them the right?

Use it now, worry later - that's always been the American way. It was that way with killing the buffalo, nuclear testing, x-ray machines in the corner drug stores, and everything in between.

So now let's make it an issue. Go watch the film and see who to boycott.