Friday, January 29, 2010

Scott for President

I'm running for President sometime, here's my platform:

-Pro Environment and Conservation (tax credits or perks of some sort for not cranking up your A/C to get 54 degrees F in the Summer time)

-Anti Murder

-Limits on the Ability to Sue, perhaps similar to how they control it accross the Pond

-Make GMO foods and agriculture policy hot issues

-Admit Social Security was a socialistic mistake and phase it out (If you're over 40, take your choice whether to claim benefits, if 40 or under, you have none - or something like that, and eliminate the social security tax immediately)

-Campaign to avoid social, mandatory medical insurance, and keep government the heck out of it We can fight our own medical insurance battles, thank you very much indeed Campaign and thus hopefully avoid another social security type fiasco of mandatory We'll Take Care of You - "Oh, Sure!" MAXIMIZE FREEDOM

-Explore ways to turn welfare over to a local level and even one in which the government is not involved at all

-Conduct an extremely non-media-biased-nor-partisan referendum to find out whether the people Really Don't Want a Flat Income Tax

-Appoint a Justice or two that can overturn Clarence Thomas' conflict-of-interest driven decision that Monsanto & Co Own Earth and Nature.