Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And Back Again

I took my last Metformin tab the other day. It was just making me too sick, even without doubling up the dose. And it wasn't helping much without tripling the dose, so I am back to Humalog shots.

I guess it (that I didn't see much results without an extremely high dose) indicates I am more Type I after all, Type II not so much. As originally thought. It seemed that way back in 2003 as well, when I was amazed at the response to Humalog after trying the oral stuff for a short while.

I asked my Nurse Practioner whether Metformin can enhance normal cell absorption as well as alieviate resistance in abnormal cells, and about what I describe in the above paragraph. She was not sure. I do not have enough interest to find out for sure, myself. Don't care about how and why, just what to do.