Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reminder of Purpose

The purpose of this blog is soley to help even possibly just one diabetic out there that might see it and benefit. I did not intend for people who know me to see it (unless they fit that description or someone who does finds it through them) or use it as a means to keep family or friends updated on my health or opinions.

Ideally, all my family and descendants would see it and adopt the philosophy of eating real food in simple form and rely upon and respect their wonderful gift of appetite, but I do not realistically hold my breath for that. Nevertheless, for those who would, here is a record of it.

Unfortunately, most who read do it quickly and cursorily and come away with stereotypic false impressions lacking in understanding of the basics. But if you read the whole thing, it is pretty clear, I think.

The result of adopting it is a feeling of super well-being, strength and energy of youth.