Thursday, October 13, 2011


Ate good today.

Have been steaming in rice cooker the following to be known hereafter as "ryse:" Soaked barley and spelt, amaranth, millet and flax.

For breakfast, I browned a sliced up onion and mushrooms in pure coconut oil. Didn't need to add any other kind of oil. Then I sliced in what may have been banana squash. Added a few leaves of mustard greens. 3 celery stalks cut in. What ryse I had laying around (had to add some more coconut oil). Sliced in fresh ginger root - plenty. A load of torn up collards from the backyard. They cooked down quick. I think that's all.

Sat down and ate the whole thing at once. It had smelled like I had discovered such a thing as too much ginger, but no, when I got to eating, I found there was no such thing, as I had previously believed.

Had some water with that. And then I had some brown brewer's yeast. And peanuts. Followed by cheese.

Then I was gone till evening and I was hungry when I got back. I discovered radishes go well with sunflower seeds (both raw) and mainly ate that for supper but followed it up with radishes and (pure) peanut butter (of course), brown brewer's yeast, a few walnuts, fresh prunes, raisens and baker's chocolate. Steamed some more ryse while I was eating, and would have eaten it too but it was not done in time.

I also have been taking oligo calcium because I just had No. 9 tooth implant replaced.