Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Is Good

Squash Season!

Normally, to bake Winter Squash, it should be halved with as straight (planar) a cut as possible and placed with the cut faces down in a pan along with just enough water to last during baking, to cover the gaps between cut face and pan. If you just throw it into the oven dry, it will lose all its flavor.

Not having an oven, last night I did it on the gas stove top with my big domed-lid chicken fryer to one of those roundish orange inside and out squashes.

I did not gut the vegetable prior to cooking.

I cut up and smashed the result, mixing it with fresh hot ryse and butter, plump moist seeds and all. You can bite the seed hulls and the seeds come popping out whole so you can chomp the hull once or twice and spit it out and eat the seed, or you can keep on chomping and eat the hull too. I did a little bit of either or. And of course, the stringy stuff and the peeling I ate also. It would be completely puzzling to not include them in the hash.

Had it again for breakfast. Squash, ryse and collards have each opened up whole new worlds for me. I can eat food that satisfies, is more enjoyable and all without any worry about my sugar going up like a rocket.