Saturday, December 3, 2011


Nothing new here, just a little status update. We recently took an income cut-back and had eaten all the food. Well, not all the food. But it is interesting how good the food starts to taste when that happens. First, they finish the cookies and stuff. Then the fruit. Then the dairy. Then one by one, the next-most attractive food disappears, till you are finally down to the potatoes and beans. And with each new stage, it is amazing how the next best available temptation tastes as good as the last one to disappear. For example, when I have peanuts, I don't often crave sunflower seeds. But with the peanuts and other nuts AND the dairy gone, sunflower seeds are the bomb!

And as it progresses, I feel better and better. I LOVE a bowl of beans with nothing added.

I am trying to think of a way to artificially create this environment for myself when we can afford groceries, without moving out and separating myself from my family. Even for someone like me, it is impossible to maximize my taste for the simple and wholesome amid a flurry of pizza, cakes, fancy recipes, etc.

If I was single, I could live on $20 a week for food. And I would.

I guess the best way is just decide to be strong and do it - maximize, I mean.