Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Scientific Muscle-Building Secrets

I think to be overmuscled is to be overweight. I think I would want to be overmuscled no more than I would want to be arthritic, diabetic or obese. To me, it would be a handicap. I could not be swift, enduring, "rubberbandman," or rope-climbing champion. Not to mention all the work involved that does not go toward helping anyone, much less unnatural drugs and supplements. I value the fitness and physique of the American Male of 25 years ago and prior, sans the smoking.

(In high school, they called me "Rubberbandman," after the song that was new and popular at the time. It was for the way I wriggled out of wrestling holds. I also held the rope-climbing record for distance at the time the ropes were taken down and the school closed. This ability to climb and wriggle has served me very well working on cars and machinery and up inside lowered ceilings, truss-work and other tight places, etc., as well as in mountaineering and such.)

And while I'm at it, I think tattoos are unsightly. And that's coming from a guy who spent much of his adult leisure dressed in weathered biker leathers astride a 1970 Triumph and still has stock in some scruffy styles that some think are reproachable.

Just to get a little off the subject, one thing that really felt good used to be to come home in the wee hours from a long motorcycle ride, dog-tired and just crash without removing any leather. Awesome.

And once, I did it on a park bench in snow somewhere in Oregon. But that was more out of necessity and didn't actually feel as luxurious. Was there really snow? Or is that just the story getting older and better? Anyway, it was cold.

Just thinking about bikes, I have ridden bicycles just as much if not more than motorcycles, and it's kinda funny to find out that my grandfather, who died when I was just a toddler, used to ride a bicycle on the railroad ties for business trips from Ogden, Utah to who-knows-where in Wyoming. I guess it was back in the day when it was still dirt highway. I don't think I would have taken the rr. But maybe it was shorter and flatter that way. I'd like to know more about it. Anyway, it's almost as if there was something to do with kin and heredity, this penchant for rolling on two wheels to an eccentric range of application, because since I was in college, I have preferred the bicycle in almost every situation - dates, commutes, cruising, shopping, you name it.