Monday, June 3, 2013


Until yesterday I had always let talk of the various kinds of fats and oils run over my head like the adult voices you hear in Peanuts animations. Today I know what my parents must have known in the 30s when they banned vegetable oil - especially hydrogenated - from their home, that it is a highly processed food, except in the case of pressed coconut and olive. My first thought was, here vegans are protesting HFCS and GMO and then they start having to decry soy, and now VEGETABLE oil in general??? How ironic is that? I admit, I was born yesterday when it came to this. I suppose a good number of vegans knew this before yesterday. Still, how do you explain that the best source of vegetable-oil-based foods, such as mayonnaise, chips, soups, breads and prepared foods is a health food or organic store, where everything is supposed to be organic and natural?? That seems pretty ironic. I always went there mainly for the produce, not the chips and burritos. I did fairly often buy their bread though. Speaking of bread, now we know one more reason behind my finding that all store-bought bread is bad. It's been a long time since we used to make our own bread. When I made it, it contained no oil or butter or olive oil. (And absolutely never any honey. What a dumb idea, that whole wheat bread has to have honey in it no matter what. Psshhh.) Anyway, Keep It Simple, Students.