Friday, March 6, 2015

Recently, I have had a few extraordinarily delicious innovations for supper or breakfast but I was busy or lazy and didn't record them. I don't even remember anything about their makeup. So what's the point of even mentioning it? Well, just to let you know I'm still at it and loving it, I guess. But here's the one I came up with tonight: a quick 'cream of mushroom' sort of soup. I toasted grollet and roasted mushrooms (dry) on an iron griddle that I place over two gas burners on our range top. I heated milk to hot in a cereal bowl in the microwave, then dumped the roasted and toasted items into the hot milk. I also cut mozarella cheese bits into the hot milk to melt, which was really something with the crunchy grollet. That's it. Oh, I should mention that my grollet has evolved a little. It has lately contained the usual barley, spelt, millet, amaranth, but now also wheat, sunflower seeds, flax seed, sesame seed, and another grain similar to spelt that I forget the name of: it has a beautiful bright (and light) orangish brown color. Toasted grollet, especially if it contains a large percentage of amaranth, is very good for things traditionally done with bread, such as bread and milk or milk toast, grilled cheese, peanut butter and honey, etc. You can't use it to make a sandwich in sandwich form, but you can use all the same ingredients and flavors, just do it in a bowl!