Friday, June 19, 2015

One That Worked for the Kids

I wasn't even thinking of fixing dinner for them today but when it got down to it I had to go shopping and think of something to feed them and hopefully make it something I could eat also. So I was just doing it impromptu you know, and as I shopped and flitted about fixing it, I was kind of thinking fried chicken and potato salad but I wasn't looking forward to eating mayo myself, and the chicken at the store was kind of messy, so I ended up bringing home two nice sized pork chops and...... I foiled the chops and set them on the grill inside the oven at 400 till I could smell them starting to burn. I washed 3 potatoes really well and cut them in big chunks and boiled them with an onion I cut up well. Then I saved the water off of that to drink hot myself, which is something my dad always used to do with any and every boiled or steamed vegetable water, which always grossed me out but now that I have turned into him, I crave the stuff with my dinner. So I also boiled two eggs (I think one would be sufficient), diced and threw them and a little better than half a stick of butter and a bunch of salt into the potato thing while it was nice and hot and mashed it around. Kept the peelings on the potatoes, of course, just like mom always did. But the wife never does. But she was away at work. The chops had browned perfectly on one side and weren't the usual pan-fried chops that come out dry and/or raw. I cut em all up and altogether, it was perfect in amount for us. I had lettuce and cucumber on the side. The kids loved it if you can imagine that. Even the one kid ate some.