Friday, May 1, 2009

May Meals


Last night I sat a little too long at the table and had a little something extra, plus it was late and I went right to bed. So this morning, I woke up with relatively numb feet and not feeling good. I checked my sugar to see how high I needed to come down from: It was 124.


I had another insulin shot - first one since I last reported - last night. 3 units. Had been partying I guess. Was up to 236. Partied again today; didn't exactly eat just things you could not say were empty calories. Did one story, read a story to the babies. When I was done and acting a bit sleepy, the baby said, "Dad, it's time for you to go to sleep on the couch." Then she curled up beside me and I went to sleep for a couple of hours. Then I was still feeling sugary and I ran up the hill. Came back and checked my sugar: 126. Still, gut feels a little bad.