Monday, June 29, 2009

Potato Skins

Yesterday, I had raw homemade cheese, raw fresh ginger, a spiny cucumber straight from my garden, and a nice big plate of raw potato peelings my wife had saved me in the fridge with no covering.

I had some potato peelings left over which I dried in my food dehydrator to make potato skins. I did not add anything to them. They sure are good.

By the way, the last few nights, I have not checked my sugar or used insulin, but I can tell you for certain I let my sugar go too high. How high, I do not know, but definately way too high. Got a little frisky about what I ate. Ate some homemade bread and drank a quart of cream straight down a time or three. At least it was raw and pure.

Other than that, I have been still feeling really really great and not been sugary. Feet have been good. Energy up. Still not starving or hungry at all.