Monday, June 8, 2009

How Much Romaine for Chromium DV?

I heard from the X Syndrome people you shouldn't OD on Iron or Copper, that you should avoid supplements containing these things if you eat the way I do, which gets you plenty of iron and copper.

My multi's and my yeasts have tons of iron and copper.

So I wondered how to get plenty of chromium without them.
I estimated from a couple of websites that 1/2 oz of lettuce = 1 Cup = 2/3 to 1 leaf, and that 2 Cups gets you about 15% of a daily value. So conservatively figure 2 leaves gets you 15%, you'd get 100% on a dozen leaves or less. That sounds about the amount I have been hungry for in one day. But not every day.

I'm going out to plant some Romaine, people.

Get this: tomatoes and onions are also good sources of chromium. I already have a lot of those planted and growing. Also, whole grains are a source; I eat those sprouted and raw, no bread - so I'm pretty good there.

I also read that Vitamin C helps you absorb Chromium. There's plenty of C in the romaine and other stuff I eat like that. Oh, and brazil nuts and the grains are big sources of Selenium, especially the nuts - almost to the point of toxicity.

See? Any right food philosophy always boils down to my dad's method: Just follow your appetite through the aisles of plain, whole foods.