Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing New but Worth Plugging Again

I plowed snow with Rick. Rick said he was always hungry. He depended on Fast Food to satisfy and fuel, with an occasional shot of vitamin power liquid. He would have to stop regularly and get some more Fast Food. Sometimes, I did the same. It did about as good a job for me as it did Rick.

This blog is essentially about why Rick is always hungry. Madison Ave, the McDonalds, etc., have brainwashed the Americans into thinking they like certain commercially prepared "foods" that have precious little nutrition or proper pH balance. For example, cold cereal is packed with vitamins of highly questionable absorbability and effectiveness and are acid forming in the body - not a good idea for the main part of a meal. They are selling them as wholesome whole grains but ignore the fact that they are not sprouted and are therefore acid forming, with the exception of millet, which they do not use much.

Incidentally, while I was having my perfect day yesterday, guess what the rest of my family ate (another part of this blog is about how tough it is to eat in your chosen paradigm while those you live with choose another) for dinner?

Store-bought, white garlic toast.