Friday, January 28, 2011

Health Insurance Companies and the Suitors to Fight Your Battles

Got my hand munched hard by a dog today. Never have I been bit so hard (been bit many times). I relived the sensation of it all day. Very discomfitting. Felt like (to a small degree) what it looked like the girl in JAWS opening scene experienced. Have two fairly deep fang punctures on each side (front and back) of my right hand. Lots of pain. Very tender and stiff for an hour, could not move it at first. He pinched some nerves and a tendon too. He is a rescued dog whose owner is a high school coach and a good man who doesn't need or deserve a lawyer on his case. Nor do I need a bloated government to protect me from such hazards, thank you. I am not afraid of dogs because I am not afraid of bites, not because I don't think they will bite. To have freedom (which is our primary condition on earth), you must allow there will be hazards and some bad people doing mean things. Socialists who want to make a utopia by force (ring a bell? Satan?) and legislation don't see this. They make laws in their effort that mainly end up punishing the innocent on a technicality and by sheer weight, fueled by hysteria and just plain folks with nothing better to do.

What are the dogs? Mr. Obama sees the health insurance companies, some see guns, some see school bullies.

I am a liberal. I don't need a government that is. downsize it. repeal. (repeal obamaCare)