Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Control vs. Freedom

It struck me last night, the similarity between Satan's plan to constrain each child of God back to His presence - not one soul lost, and current industry zero accident policies. Safety First - We hear a lot about it as engineers these days. The twisted idea is, if any accident occurs, it could have been prevented and we will make a new rule to make sure it doesn't happen again. So men are no longer allowed to work, bend over or lift or cut without intensive training, monitoring, paperwork and special equipment. Picture what I'm talking about: Only being allowed to use a box cutter if it has training wheels....using a hand truck or dolley that climbs stairs by its own power.....5 safety observers standing around an open (electrical!!-Oh!!) copy machine while a single Xerox repairman works.

Government and other big institutions are trying to take away pain, sweat, accidents, hate, violence with laws, rules and paperwork. They are in the business of making the world idiot-proof so that talents, common sense and skill will no longer be necessary. Hey- it creates jobs. Too bad they are not real jobs though.

And while they are making Americans into plump, soft gumptionless pets that are used to being taken care of, they are creating more jobs researching and inventing artificial ways to make the pets' healthy since they no longer strive, venture or endure.

The basic purpose of mortality is to live free. God never in the least controls a mortal individual - why do mortals feel such a need to so do? Simple: That's Satan's main game. He wants to control and the more people he can get hooked on this vice along with him, the better. That is why we have lawsuits, a surplus of laws, a big government, and a government that wants to expand into every business there is or could be. They ain't satisfied running the post office. Must control....must control everyone....must control everyone in all they do.

Now here's another parallel to let you understand what freedom requires. I am not afraid of dogs, not because I don't think they will bite me but because I know dogs, I know how to handle them and protect myself to an extent, and beyond that (and this is key), I DO NOT CARE IF THEY BITE ME. I am not afraid of dogs because I am not afraid of bites. Similarly, if you want freedom, you must accept that there will be bad people.

Now, which do you prefer? Absolute control, no freedom, and no bad guys to hurt you, or do you want freedom, and a life strewn with hazards for you to look out for?