Friday, January 28, 2011

The Need to be Baptized

Some think we are merely phenomena, not actually real human beings, yet here we are with all of our powers and wonders and emotion.

We are souls. We have spirits not just chemicals.

Satan would destroy us. We must be baptized. Then we can be safe and happy.

Through baptism, we commit to our Heavenly Father, to trust and obey him always. When we make such a commitment through such an ordinance, he lets us know how it pleases him, which fills us with joy and peace.

By being baptized, we enter into a life filled with fresh morning sunshine and golden afternoon sunshine and glorious firey evening sunshine. We obey God, and always try to repent so we can always have this sunshine and happy, happy memories, and never have to worry or be afraid. Not afraid of life, not afraid of getting old, or death, and not afraid of people, pollution, crime, governance or hell.

Someone who listens to me with just ears will think this is all ideas but it is not. It is force and reaction experienced, it is observed law.