Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have gone on about how much more I enjoy Fall than any other season but the last few days, I have had Spring taking me back and doing things for me that although quite different, were every bit as powerful as the things Fall does.

I have been getting back onto the wagon. Getting used to eating real and wholesome food again, after a poverty-stricken, cold (us, not the weather particularly), hectic Winter. Meanwhile, as of January, I could no longer get Humalog from Canada without a prescription, so I put up $1,300 for a doctor visit and blood work, which I felt was pretty unnecessary since I already knew my A1C and could just tell them what they needed to know, and anyway, just give me some Humalog and then let's talk about it.

But the doctor said it made no sense to be taking one or two units per meal of Humalog and he put me on 500 mg Metformin twice daily and 8 units Lantus once daily.

This seemed to make a difference but it did not keep me from spiking above 400 from just an ordinary low-carb meal typical of an American (not typical of me though). I asked them to order Humalog to survive while we figured things out and they readily agreed. But I was unable to get some right away, and then I decided instead to try doubling my glucofage. In fact, I 1.5'd it, taking two tabs 3 times per day for a total daily dose of 3,000 mg. Tends to give me heartburn and feel strange, but it did prove effective. My sugars are running normal again, like around 100. I don't know how much the Lantus is helping because I upped it a little also, taking 10-12 units instead of 8. Kind of nice to deal less with needles so much after all these years. Not nice to have to regularly eat so I can regularly eat a pill however. I will probably cut back to 4 instead of 6, and eventually, none, as before. Hopefully, I can quit the Lantus and needles altogether, real soon. So anyway, I guess I am not totally Type I after all, or not anymore, whichever it is. God is good; I leave it to Him to take an interest in all the details and why's and wherefore's.

So that's my medical update, now back to food:

Sometimes you have perfect meals, abounding in flavor and satisfaction, perfect in amount and satisfaction and a feeling of super well-being afterward; other times, you have them wierd where you can't get what you feel like having so you sit there and eat a bunch of different things that don't go well together and are not what you wanted. It leaves you feeling average or worse and your sugar high, and most often, it tends to make the meal last too long, resulting in the ill effects that always does.

This morning, I didn't feel like eating, after all the glucofage and heartburn, etc. Just felt like having a rest. By and by, however, I had a perfect meal as described above. Started to realize what I wanted, and lo and behold we had it on hand.

I had baked to perfection (the other night), thin slices (not too thin) of Winter squash (of some sort), individually wrapped in foil. I had not enjoyed them the other night, but this morning, they hit the spot when I had them cold along with some toasted laver (sea vegetable). I discovered that this variety of squash and its preparation were far best enjoyed if eaten plain - no butter or oils. I also had some pecans after that. Then I had a tuna fish sandwich on toasted Ezekial bread with non-junk mayo and good ol' iceburg lettuce. Followed up with some dried mozerella.

We also have some pure licorice tea on hand (new to me), and I cannot say enough about how amaranth has shaken my world for good.