Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My brother Russ fed me lunch once when I went into the woods to visit. Browned onions and garlic then red-stemmed chard into the fry pan with just enough water to make it sloshy and cook them down. It continues as one of my favorites years later. But I also throw in ginger root, which is optional. Today I had it with fresh-steamed ryse. It was so good, so perfect, I couldn't taste any of the other things I had along because I couldn't spoil it. Here's a refresher for what ryse is and how to make it: hand-full each of whole spelt and barley, 2-4 handfulls each of amaranth and millet, some sesame seeds or a sprinkling of flax seed are optional. Throw into rice cooker. Soak overnight. Steam. Do not uncover till cool. It is key to eat it while fresh, and to a lesser degree, not to cook more than about an inch high in the pan.