Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One of my implants on the lower right, which is now over 5 years old, is failing. Slowly. Don't know how the one in front is doing. I suspect that the body robs some calcium and I lose some bone density in these grafted areas, permanently, a significant amount, every single time I get high sugar. So with this discouraging news, I stayed up all night with my sugar staying up over 200, some of the time, over 300. I didn't know what to do or think. I am discouraged paying all these major dental bills these last 5 years on myself and not the children, only to have my teeth keep on failing again. And I didn't feel like being a stud any more, and having a revival of strict psychish discipline. I will also be taking 5 Melaleuca calcium tabs daily till then, one at a time, throughout the day. I think it will actually take longer than 4 months to see how fast I am losing grafted bone density, or whether I am maintaining, but if it looks better in 4 months, great. But now that it's a new day and I am feeling good, I am declaring a psychish revival and program: I am going to be eating as darn well and disciplined as I can from this moment through April 18, 2013, when I have my next appointment and will be having an x-ray of the bone to compare to December 17, 2012. I am also going to work toward having a bike to ride to work asap. I will need an electric bike for it to be practical, and with such, I will still get as much exercise as when I rode half the distance to work on a regular bike. I may not have recorded this here, but my sugar has been really bad since October and I have been using I don't know maybe roughly 5 times more insulin than normal, and not doing a good job of keeping the sugar under control. This always seems to come with the cold weather but this time it is really worse and this is without even eating much in the way of holiday goodies.