Friday, December 21, 2012

So after eating right for a few days, I seem to be coming back off the heavy insulin dependence in which I use a minimum of 7-8 units for every little snack. I have been dropping too low after lunch for the afternoon to do my work, the last few days. Today, I was 96 after only 6 units and a good substantial lunch, but then I felt myself sliding down a little after that, so I ate my orange, and then some oats and chocolate, and then I still felt myself slipping down, so I tested again and I was 50 something. So I am already back to where I need to have only a few units, so I don't dip all afternoon, and exercize after lunch, to avoid a spike. After I do this I can go play basketball or sit at a desk and my sugar will stay right around 100 either way, all day and all night. - Without the use of Lantus.