Thursday, February 21, 2013


Fasting Blood Sugar: 80 After Lunch has settled sugar: 93 Have I been controlling myself and eating and sleeping perfectly since last reports: Yes Has my sugar been this perfect all through it: No There was a day or two there after feeling like I had really settled in and become stable and feeling great where I did not feel so well and I had some after breakfast sugars of 245. It was for no apparent reason other than that I had just started working out again after a year or three hiatus and my body was a little out of kilter. But it didn't last long. Feeling great again, and anyway, I never lost enthusiasm because I was so happy just to be able to control myself so easily all through it. By the way, I have also been taking a Melaleuca Calcium Complete with every meal and a Melaleuca Multi with each breakfast and dinner. Oh, and over the last year, I have had a bad lot of coughing due to allergies in the air and a bad post nasal thing but since eating perfect the last bit here, that has all cleared up. Oh and the reason I mentioned the tablets are from Melaleuca is because it is more than a matter of different brand, they are not just better - they are not the same thing as what other folks produce.