Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ain't Just About Sugar

Everyone should understand that there is much more to diabetes than preventing tissue damage due to high sugar levels in the bloodstream and preventing low levels that make one weak. Without insulin, the human body cannot digest; it will eat like a pig and starve. Just as importantly, even with enough insulin, too much food and sugar means too much insulin as well. That is, even if I perfectly control my sugar all through a party and continue a perfect level all through the ensuing night and next day, if I eat too much, I, Scott Scoville, feel almost just as crappy as if my sugar was high. And that's plenty crappy. You don't want to just control your sugar so that you are alert and feeling okay but still feel a little tender or numb or both in the feet, a little burny here and there, and a little neuropathic here and there. No sir, ma'am. You want to feel great. Feel great in the feet and in the legs and in the skin. You want that really good feeling you had when you were young and everything was just right and you didn't just feel okay or neutral, you actually had a slightly orgasmic feeling that perpetually lingered throughout your body. Way back before all the burning started. Eat right. It ain't about the sugar, it ain't about the weight. It's about feeling great. Through and through. Got a little extra food? Got extra insulin? Keep it outside your body. Throw it away if it goes bad. Starving children in India? What reason is that to waste food and body by putting excess food into the body? Less of a waste to put it into the trash.