Sunday, February 17, 2013

This is HUGE

More huge than any previous development. I am enjoying unprecedented blessings in regard to my diabetic condition. I am certain it is because of strength I have received from the Lord. Since first being healed of my condition that needed correction, but not in an immediate and complete way because as I heard echoed in sacrament meeting today the concept I recently learned more fully and explained to my children, when you live worthily, every challenge in your life is there to be grateful for and to take on patiently and to learn and grow from, not to complain about, I have many times slipped and sunk from walking on the water to meet my Savior. It has been 17 years and I have done very well as a diabetic patient for most of that time. I have no indications in my eyes, heart or kidneys, only a bit of tooth trouble and foot warnings, and I have kept much better control over my sugar than nearly all other patients for which my doctors have cared. But the healing, the miracle and the progress of this latest step up are unmatched by any previous. I have learned a new key concept and have received the strength to live it with relish. My feet are loving it. Here is the concept, to add to all my other key concepts, and like those, has value of great worth for any whole person; therefore, to have simply been healed without a struggle and backsliding into the water would have been unfortunate for me: The human body needs 3 (at least) perfectly separate phases in its cycle: Eating, Sleeping, Fasting. I learned that I need to do as my dad always tried to train us: Never eat in between eat time. Let the body fast. At night, go to bed and sleep and do nothing else while you do it. Fasting is as important as eating and is just as enjoyable. Especially for your feet who will really love you for it. And the eating phases need to be short, the fasting longer. For at least a week, if not 3, I have been in an unbroken, ecstatic pattern of eating until I sense or even wonder if I have now had enough, and then stopping cold - knowing that there will be other meals. I have not had any meals late - after about 6 pm. Even when I am working hard till just past midnight, and I get a little snacky or hungry (in my mind, at least), I only feel it a little, not a lot, all of a sudden. So I decide I would rather be fasting until I go to sleep, and see you, food, in the morning. And wow, do I feel content! And my feet feel super de dooper! And with each day, my feet are feeling better and my neuropathy diminishes more. And I am reminded of the Lord telling Joseph Smith his lot was to live a life of discipline, and I relish that this is all good for me, not unfortunate. And of course, I am full of energy and activity. I continue to take no more than 4 or 5 units per meal. I should note that during this time, I have also been TV-free, movie-free and except where necessary in my business, Internet-free, and have been striving at work to focus continuously through my work day and not allow myself diversions or diverted thoughts from the Bergen Power business at hand. This in itself is terribly invigorating. Really makes life at work and life after work much more zesty. So, fasting between eating is as necessary and as enjoyable as eating, no matter who you are, and an eating phase does not belong between fasting and the beginning of the sleep phase, and all you have to do to overcome the prevalent idea that it's great to eat late is to realize it's nothing more than a simple lie, and ask God for the power to overcome that simple lie. I think I will post here soon, a special post to review and summarize all my key points such that a reader would not need to go back and read all my posts. I think I want to do it purely from the top of my head - without looking at anything I have written previously - and to write it all in one fell post. Now, can you see that for real, this is could be no more ideal or miraculous? I am being healed of diabetes truly. And because it hasn't been overnight, I have become someone more. Even if I am not ultimately made insulin-shot-independent or whatever, I will be 100% healthy and healed and satisfied, because any condition that remains will be for my continued good and growth. Meanwhile, I'm not sick, not hungry, not starved, not pensive, not burning, not fainting, not stumbling because of hashed out feet, and not spending most of my time "doing my sugar" and recovering from sugar blunders. See you at the wrestling tournaments. Don't look for me in the stands.