Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stuff That Irritates Me

Normally when I push snow, I am driving a huge 2003 Ford F250 with no frills and, for a 2003, no nonsense.


It's up high, has big tires and nothing stops it. It literally pushes snow - piles of it.

The cab is clean and relatively free of gadgetry for a contemporary vehicle.

Today, I traded with Kenny, who normally drives a newer GMC. It has 4 doors, power everything, is low to the ground, is only 1/2 ton, is basically an El Camino in truck form. It has those new big flashy turn signals in the rear view mirrors. It has On-Star. It automatically locks the doors after you drive 20 feet. I was escorting Matt who was driving the Bobcat on public streets (top speed 4 mph). I had my flashers on, and since I was driving so slow with my flashers on (one can only presume), On-Star called me up and we were busy pushing buttons to make it go away. Finally, it did. I drove off and on for 11 hours today, and since I didn't know where the power buttons to adjust the seat were, I just suffered through with aching back and awkward handling of the controls. I did find the one that blows up the seat cushion though. That did not help.

A whole bunch of crap from the computer kept spewing across a window on the dash. I didn't bother to read any of it, but it inspired me to say, "I don't want to drive around in a computer; they are fine if you leave them on the desktop." I don't need the blue screen of death (nor a window I cannot open or shut because the wiring went bad) where speed and my body are concerned.

Nor do I need ABS, auto, this, that, crap, and least of all do I need electronic beeping and chiming.

I am very grateful for the GMC and the chance to share the experience. It served me well today, and I found driving it very irritating.

Can we get rid of all the useless electronic beeps? Let's start with microwave ovens and big trucks backing up, and work from there.